Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A letter about me

                                             April 1, 1945
Dear Mother,
            I guess you thought I was a big baby when I called the other night, but I couldn’t help crying when I heard your voice.  It sounded so sweet; just as I remembered it.  I’ve wanted to call you ever since Jane was born, but have just kept putting it off.  It is so good to know that Royce will be in the country.  Surely the Lord is watching over us.  I don’t want you to think I am too soft.  I have managed beautifully with Harold away altho we miss him very much.  His letter yesterday said San Antonio is off his list.  Instead he will go back to Abiline where he is this coming week.  He will leave Dallas tonight.  He had a bad time trying to find a place to live, & ended up by taking out a years membership in the Y.M.C.A. for $21.00 but can stay for $3.75 a week, and it is good in any city where there is an organization. It entitles him to swim in their pool free, free lectures, and a clean place to eat & sleep.  He is sleeping on the Pullman tonight to save a hotel bill.
            This morning was a beautiful clear morning but by 9 it was cloudy, and bitter cold but the children & I went to Sun School and fast meeting anyway.  It is the coldest day we’ve had in weeks and it is trying hard to snow altho I think it is too cold.  Yesterday was a balmy spring day.  I had Jane outside for half an hour on the south side of the house.  She loved it.  Even last night it was so warm it was wonderful.  I went over to Maxines and we each dyed a dozen eggs for the children.  I bought each of them one candy egg, & with the other eggs they’ve had enough.  I pity the canyon picknicers today.  I’m sure they won’t have a very pleasant time.
            Jane is coming along fine.  I thought for a while she wasn’t gaining.  The whooping cough shots may have taken her down a little.  She was 4 months Thurs and is 26 1/4 in. long and weighs 14 lbs 13 oz. She is eating cereal & vegetables and I will start with fruit tomorrow.  She still likes her thumb, & I put several types of thumb guards on, but she just sucked them.  I believe she wasn’t getting enough to eat when she started, & if I put something in her hands she will play rather than suck.  We’ve taken some pictures, but Harold hasn’t been in Denver enough to take them to be developed.  I’ll have to go in the week after next & will take them in.
            Betty is a quiet little tyke.  She will play for hours by herself.  Alvin still must have an audience.  Jane doesn’t look like either one of them.  Everyone says she looks like me.  She still has blue eyes.  Maybe she is going to look like the grandma she was named for.  I must stop now and get supper.  Its 5 P.M. and getting colder by the minute.  Take care of yourself, and don’t do too much house cleaning.  Mine needs cleaning but I’ll wait until Harold can help me.  I’ve done some of the cupboards & drawers, & may get them all done before he gets back so he can help with the walls.
                                   With love, Laura

[Envelope note:] There is a foot of snow this morning.


  1. Did Great Grandma Jane have blue eyes? Do you now, Jane?

  2. Yes, see the photo on Facebook Descendants of Daniel and Jane Davidson. And yes, I have kept my blue eyes.