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This edition of the Family Newsletter includes a week of missionary letters including one from today.

                                                                   The Carlson Family Newsletter Number 42
                                                                   April 18, 1994

Dear Family,
            It is P. Day, and I think my brain has been turned off.  The past week we have been very busy, and the coming week promises to be just as busy, although not with missionary work as such.  This evening we will go back over to Glendora to contact 3 more people we would like to see baptized.  Younger missionaries are not given the privilege of going back into an area from where they have moved.  We will visit tonight only briefly however.
            This coming week is full.  First of all, we have a new companion, Sister Shin from Korea.  She will finish her mission May 10, and will be with us till then.  Tomorrow we will take her to one of her Korean contacts in Arcadia.  Wednesday, the whole mission–missionaries–will go to the Los Angeles Temple for the 11:a.m. session.  It will take most of the day.  Then Thursday and Friday mornings we will put in 2 hours of community service each morning.  We get pretty discouraged when we can’t find anyone to teach.  We had a wonderful Chinese couple.  The woman was especially interested, but we felt that her English was not quite good enough for us to teach, so we invited the Chinese Elders to go with us.  We went alone the first time, and the second time we went with them.  However the Elders took over the lesson in Chinese, but they took 2 ½ hours to give it, and when they called back to set up another discussion, she wouldn’t let them come back.  She said she didn’t have the time.  Maybe we can try again.  We just don’t know.
            We went to a referral who wasn’t home.  A neighbor told us she was out of town.  We started talking to the neighbor who spoke mostly Spanish. I could converse with her somewhat.  She has 3 children under 8 years, and feels she needs a church for them.  She told us we could send some Spanish missionaries, but warned us that she would have to take religion slow with her husband.  She wants the missionaries to come during the day when her husband is at work.  We hope they will follow thru with her.
            We had a couple plus an Indian man come to church a week ago, but the Indian man has gone back to India because his wife in India had a baby girl last week.  The couple we are still teaching, but He is in the National Guard, and is gone one week-end a month, so they didn’t get to church yesterday.  We also started teaching a 22 year old member who quit coming to church when she was 14.  She had a baby at that time.

                                                                               April 19, 1994

            Tonight we finally found our new referel home.  Her name is Marsha Carlston, and she has a husband.  They are both born again Christians.  Boy, were they out to get us.  They told us that we don’t believe in the Christ of the Bible.  We believe Joseph Smith is God.  Satan is not a spirit brother to Jesus Christ.  God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are one God.  Jesus Christ is the very eternal God.  Joseph Smith received visitations from Moroni, an angel of light.  The Devil is an angel of light.
            They went on like this for an hour.  We all three bore our testimony to them.  We also refuted their statements with scripture, but of course, they didn’t believe us.  It made us realize that we needed to know the teachings of the gospel completely.  It also made us realize we could not argue with them.  There was no way we could change their views. They called me a Temple Mormon.  I asked them what they meant.  He said, “have you been married in the temple, and taken all those covenants and secret oaths?”  I told him we had no secret oaths, and yes, I have been married in the temple for time and all eternity.  It would take me pages to tell you all that went on during that hour, or it was more like an hour and a half.  I think it upset them that we wouldn’t argue with them.

                                                                               April 22, 1994

            The day we went to Arcadia, it was necessary for us to stop at the bank.  We drove into the parking lot, and parked alongside a very lovely car.  The woman in the car called out, “you hit my car.”  I was the only one getting out of the car, and I stood up and said, “There is no way we could have hit your car.”  But she said, “But you just hit my car.”  I said, “there are 3 of us in this car, and we would have been able to tell if we had even touched your car, which we didn’t.  She got out, and pointed to a dent in some beautiful chrome.  I didn’t even answer her, but hurried into the bank.  When I got in, I immediately went to the teller and told her what had happened, and when I turned around to point her car out, she was driving out.  I guess he thought she had a couple of old ladies, from our of town–our car has a Utah license–and she figured she could make us pay for a dent in her car.  We didn’t hear any more from her.  I had never heard of anyone trying a trick like that before.
            Days go by, and I don’t even get a letter finished.  I know that Trina has been in the hospital.  I tried to get her by phone but she had been released.  I hope she is feeling better.  We have heard that President Nixon is very ill.  Anything we hear is from someone else.  We have no access to newspaper, radio, or TV.  In a way, it is very good.  We don’t hear of all the rime that is going on.  In another way, we know of very little that is going on.  That is ok also, because most of what is reported is bad news.
            Most of you know that I try to grow Amarillis bulbs at Christmas.  They are so beautiful, but very expensive to buy the bulbs.  Here, they are in full bloom in every one’s garden.  Instead of 4 or 8 blooms, they almost grow in hedges, with so many blooms you can’t count them.  They are in every color, and oh, so beautiful.  I don’t think Californians realize the beauty they have all around them.
            Our avocados are falling every day.  We can’t reach any of them to pick them.  They are too high, so we pick them up off the ground, and use them if they are not too bruised.  They have what they call finger avocado’s and we have a few on our trees.  In the store yesterday I saw some for sale at $6.99 a pound.  The season for Avocado’s is almost over.  Our oranges are all gone, and our lemons, altho we see trees still loaded with both.
            We went back to our little Spanish lady this afternoon, the one that lives next door to the Born again christian.  The Spanish lady was not home, altho we had made a definite appointment.  Maybe the neighbor told her how bad our church is.


Uncle Willard said there was a bad accident in Provo Canyon involving a Carlson boy.  Could it have been one of the Carlson’s from Charleston.  They are from a brother of Alvin E. Carlson, Dad’s father - Jack Carlson.

                                                            April 26, 1994

Alice just called: 4 P.M. Tues.  There is two inches of hail on the ground, thunder and lightening, the worst storm Alice has seen in the twelve years they have been in Yorba Linda.

Big preparations are goin on for Pres. Nixon’s funeral tomorrow.  The schools here are closed all day tomorrow.  Four former presidents will be there plus Pres. Clinton.  She says the skies have been full of helicopters


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