Sunday, April 20, 2014

A longer letter from a few years later

                                                         April 18, 1960

Dear Mother & Helen,

            I don’t know where the time goes.  I never seem to find time to write.  Last Sat. Jane had to speak at Youth Conference, so I made a suit for her out of some pink wool, so that took Wed & Thurs & Fri last week.  None of the others had any thing new for Easter.  We took the little ones on a short picnic Saturday, But it was cold.  Even tried to snow.  Yesterday was nearly as cold, and today it is a lovely warm day again.  All last week while the children were off school it was lovely & warm.  They all went back to school today.  Alvin was off from last Wed until this Wed.  He has been working for Karl Runyan all week, and can probably work on Sat’s too.

            Last Thurs. I finally went to see Dr. Whitely, at Helen’s suggestion.  He suggested that I go to the hosp. For a curetment.  My period started the day we left Tabiona and wasn’t over till day before yesterday.  Sometimes it was red, and sometimes brown.  So they will do it tomorrow at 2:P.M. and I will be home Wed. by noon.

            How is Joey after his stay in Denver?  The boys really enjoyed having him and missed him when he went.  It is too bad the plane ride was so late.  I’ll bet he was asleep before you were home wasn't he?

            Yesterday was the Easter program.  Harold gave the scripture reading, and little Willy gave the scripture reading in sacrament meeting.  He talks real loud and isn’t afraid.  There was a little girl giving one and she forgot hers.

            Willy gave: “The Lord God spoke: For behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” and yet he was asleep before the meeting was over. I hate the late hour.  It is always 8:30 before we get home.

            I’m going to try to knit myself a stole out of that white wool I brought back but so far all I’ve got done is 2 rows.  No time for it either.

            How is the pup?  She is surely a fast one.  Is she eating any better?

            Have you heard from Pearl again?  I’m going to write to her & Jennette too.  I haven’t written to Jennette since we came home.  We are enjoying the mutton.  It has to be cooked a long time, but it is real good.  We had a leg roast yesterday.

            I hope you are having warm weather and that you are able to get out in the sunshine.  We have lots of daffodils in bloom.  Harold has been working overtime nearly every night since we came home.

            Take care of yourself Mother, and may the Lord bless you.



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