Monday, March 31, 2014

Laura got a quick response to her letter

Mar 31st 54

My Dear Laura,

             Just got your letter after coming from Relief Society.  I am glad you are coming and hope & pray that you will have a safe and pleasant trip.  Ruth said she would have a bed for Sister Norris, and the others can go where they want to.  So Sister Norris will be near to go with you when you go.  We don’t know whether Roland or Jennette will be coming.  They will come if they can get a way.  We had another snow storm yesterday but it is all gone today and the sun is shining bright only it is cold.  Don’t be working too hard.  I am glad the little ones are coming with you & Jane.  Do they have spring vacation.  Love to you all and we will see you soon

                        Lovingly  Mother.

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