Sunday, April 13, 2014

A letter from one Grandma to another

[On floral stationery from Hannah Carlson to Jane Davidson]
April 13, 1951

Dear Sister Davidson,

            Your welcome letter was received a short time ago.

            I was so glad to hear from you.  I hope you are feeling better by now and that every one else is well.

            I guess you listened to Conference.  I saw every session on Television.  It was wonderful. Also the furnal [funeral].  It was very touching and inspiritual [inspirational].

            Television is surely a wonderfull thing a

            I wish Harold could have them one

            It was quite a co-incedent that she only ask[ed] me to paint on them but I told her I would do the crocheting also but for her to get some one else to dress the little dolls this year.  It seemed there was no end to that.

            Little Billy is progressing right along.  He has bought a lovely express wagon with the money given him so Dick, Harlow and others pull him around quite a bit so he can enjoy this lovely sun shine.

            Sister Pauline Christensen is getting along quite slowly since her last operation.  She is as yellow as saferine 

             Love Hannah C

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