Friday, April 11, 2014

We stayed in Denver but moved to a new home.

                                                      April 11, 1955

Dear Mother,

            We had a very pleasant trip home.  We went through Provo, and saw Beth Taylor and her two children, and visited for a few minutes, then went on to Grand Junction.  Bro Willits had a flat tire during the afternoon, but that was the only inconvenience we had on the whole trip.  Alice was the only one that even got a little car sick, and I think it was because we started later in the day than we have been doing.  Louis felt good all day while we were traveling, and when we arrived in Grand Junction he was a little feverish, and went right to bed in the motel.  He slept from about 6:30 right thru till morning.  During the evening Harold and I went over to the State Hospital and looked up Thurman Mosier who used to live in Denver, and who is now the caretaker over there.  We had a shower, and went to bed early, and were on our way home by 9: A.M.  We arrived home about 3 in the afternoon Sat. and by the time we unpacked, and had baths, and heads washed for Sunday, and a good hot meal it was good to crawl into bed.  Alice wasn’t feeling very well yesterday morning, but she did go to fast meeting with me.  I didn’t go to evening meeting, but stayed home and put the little ones to bed early, then Harold and I went over to Fergusons after church to meet Sister Mathew Cowly.  She was in Denver for the week end, and came to Sunday School Fast meeting, and Church at Barnum Ward.  We had quite an interesting evening with her.  She knows Mont and Helen.

            I don’t know whether we told you that Harold had applied for a job in Washington D.C. as Personel officer for the Dept of Interior, and wanted an answer by the 10th so he would know whether to go ahead on our house or not.  Well, he had a letter this morning saying he was not chosen for the job, and Brother Pulsipher said we were all ready to sign for the house, so we will be moving by the end of the week.  Everything moves so fast we can hardly keep up with it, but I know the Lord is watching over us and helping us make right decisions.

            I had a wonderful rest while I was in Salt Lake, and I enjoyed being able to go thru the temple again.  When we are only able to go once to twice a year it seems that we learn so much every time we go, and it helps us carry on for the rest of the year.

            Denver had no snow while we were gone.  They had a little rain Thursday, but you couldn’t tell it when we got here.  It is very cloudy this morning, and I don’t know whether my clothes will dry or not.  It looks like it might rain any minute.  Well, I’ve a lot to do, and if we are going to move, doubly so, so I had better get moving.  Take care of yourself Mother, and we hope we can have you visit us soon.

                                    Lovingly, Laura.

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  1. Jane, thank you for posting these letters. I really enjoy reading them.