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cake and jello

                                                       April 10, 1942
                                                       643 Cedar St.
                                                       San Antonio, Texas

Dear Mother,

            I realize it has been over a week since I wrote, but I've just kept putting it off.  I got your letter yesterday.  I’m glad the weather is breaking a little for you.  Mon. & Tues. nights here it rained like I've never seen it rain.  It came down so fast & heavy that people who were driving couldn't see to drive, & had to stop & wait until the rain stopped.  It rained an inch & 4 tenths the first night & I don’t know how much the second night.  But it is no wonder they don’t have basements here.  They would all be flooded if they did.  The rain surely cooled everything off nicely.  Two nights before it rained it was so hot we could hardly stand it.  Alvin’s hair was wet all night long, & at 11:00 just when we were going to bed I had to change his shirt, it was so wet.  It just changes from hot to cold & back so fast it is terrible.  But we’re getting used to it, & can adjust our clothing to suit the weather.

            Harold likes his new job very much, and is looking out for an advancement.  He has no studying to do when he comes home.  In fact he just has to forget about work after he leaves the ofc.  It is a good thing too, because it leaves his evenings free.  I went to Relief Society again Wed eve, & we tied a quilt, & had cake & jello after.  It is a branch they have here, and a very nice one too.  They are building a new meeting house, & hope to have it finished in about 2 months.  It is much closer than the one they are now using.  Our recommends haven’t come as yet.  We have been expecting them because I asked Dean to send them before I left.

            At R.S. the other night I talked to Sister Turley who is Pres, & also wife of the Branch Pres. Dr. Turley who is a chiropractor, and asked her if she could recommend a Dr. for me.  She told me about a Dr. Christian who some of the others in the branch have gone to on her recommendation, and they seem to think he is fine.  I intend to go see him next Wed. which is Harold’s next day off.   The Dr’s fee here is $50.00 with very little or no exception, and the cheapest Hosp. Is 40.00 that is for 10 days.  Altho I was surprised to find that very few of the women stayed their 10 days.  Some go home the day after the baby is born, some 3 days, some 5 or 7 days.  It is a common practice, if your Dr. will permit you to go, & if you have some one capable to look after you.  And all the women were of the opinion that it was cheaper to hire someone than to remain in the hosp.  Altho it is about the same as in Salt Lake, a Dr. doesn't want to deliver the baby at home.

            We have prayed that we would get a good Dr, & I know that everything will go well if we put our faith in the Lord.  It seems that when we were home we depended upon you so completely for advice & counsel in everything we did that now that we are away it is only reasonable that we must turn even more to our father in Heaven and ask his guidance in everything we do.

            I wrote a letter to Roland & one to Jesse this week, and I've been trying to get one off to Dan & Jennette.  I also wrote to Sister Carlson, but by the time you get around to them all it takes time.

            Harold has been helping me with the washing on his day off.  We send his shirts to the laundry & Reed sends his, so there isn't too much to do.  We have to keep the washer in the kitchen, altho the kitchen is large and the washer is in a corner out of the way.  I have been ironing all morning, & just put Alvin down after dinner.  He seems to sleep better if I wait until after lunch to put him to bed.  I guess he is getting old enough that he can stay up till afternoon.  Then too I can’t put him to bed until usually 7:30 because it is so hot earlier.  And then from 5:30 PM to 7:30 is the only time Harold gets to see him except for the one day off a week.

            We have no fence around the yard at all, & I have to watch Alvin just about every minute he is out.  There is room in the back yard that we can fence off, so we are going to.

            There are 2 other apts in the house, but none of them are home all day until 4:00 PM.  There is a man & his son in the front of the other half, & a Mr. & Mrs. Scott in the back.  Mr. Scott is always trying to build something out of old packing boxes and seems to love to have Alvin around.  So usually Alvin is out watching Mr. Scott from 4 to 6 in the evenings.  Our house is on the corner of 2 streets, & our only other neighbor is on our left.  Mrs. Brown who has a baby 10 months old.  Her Mother lives on the next street, & she is over there most of the time.  I see her about as much as I used to see Gertie.  It is surely the bunk not having a neighbor.

            Alvin can make friends faster for us than we could think of doing, & when we go for our walks the people further up the street are beginning to watch for us.

            It is after 8: o’clock & supper is over & Alvin is in bed.  He cut his first double tooth yesterday & seems rather cross.  I guess he will cut more before he is thru.

            Well Mom, we haven’t been able to find a refrigerator.  It seems too bad too.  If Wid & Mont could box ours & send it we would surely appreciate it.  Today should have been pay day, but it hasn't come yet, & probably won’t be here until Mon.  But when it does come we’re sending a money order for $20.00 in Pearl’s name.  It will be easier for her to cash it, and I’d like her to pay $5.00 to the Star, & tell her to have those other receipts entered in the book & find out the balance.  I believe the bal. will be $5.00.  Then she can give the $15.00 left from the 20 to Wid to send the frig.  If it cost more we can pay it at this end, or else send him the balance of what it will be.  We will be glad to have one.  I’m sure we could save so much with one.  Food spoils over night.  I opened a bottle of chilli sauce on Sun. and by Thurs it had spoiled, and that is one thing we could keep for weeks without spoiling.  I guess it is the damp & the heat that does it.
            By evening I get pretty tired.  I got Helen’s letter this afternoon & I’m so glad Mont is still working.  She told me in her first letter that Bro. Robertson died.  I guess it was a blessing.  It seems strange that a man as big & strong as he was should spend the last few years of his life in bed.

            Tell Sis. MacIntosh hello.  How is she now?  I hope she got over her stiffness.

            The letter you sent on the other day was from Johnny.  He is in the navy, & is likely to go out any time.  He didn't have a daughter when he wrote at Christmas, but a son was born to them in Feb.  He is afraid he will go out & not come back, & wanted to hear from us.  Tell Helen I’ll write to her soon, & tell her we enjoy her letters so much.  We didn't hear any of conference, in fact we didn't know they were having conference.  That is was eliminated.  Hope you are enjoying yourself.  God Bless You.

            With Love, Laura

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