Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Harold writes a letter to his sister Ruth.

Capitol Hotel
Amarillo, Texas

                                                                                               April 29, 1964
Dear Ruth & Ock;

            Looks like I get around don’t it?  I left Washington April 19 and will return home May 2nd.  While I have been gone Betty our oldest daughter gave birth to a baby girl (April 24).  Laura called me long distance to give me the news.  She wrote yesterday saying all is well.  That Betty would be coming home today.  I don’t know any other statistics but will [be] happy to get them first hand on Saturday when I get home.

            I was sorry to miss you last month when I stopped over in Salt Lake on my way home from Boise Idaho.  It was wonderful to see Mother however and I was happy that you were enjoying your trip to California.  Although it was good to see Mother, I am forced to say she appears to have lost considerable ground since last June when we were last in S.L.C.  It makes my heart acke to see her so frail.  Yet she assured me she has no pains.  She was looking forward to your return.  This was good in itself to see that she was looking forward to something.  I could see Ruth that it must be a terribly big job for you day after day taking care of someone so helpless.  The rest of us owe you more than we can ever repay.  Which reminds me to ask.  How are moms finances?  Please let me know.  Are you still able to take the amount we agreed upon?  When its gone those of us who can will see that you get it are paid provided we know.  Also, Ruth, you owe it to yourself and family to speak up.  If and when it becomes a bigger job than you can handle.  But I know it will be hard for you to do.  Its hard for me to think of Mother being any place than with one of us.  I know you as a wonderful sister and a loving daughter to our Mother.  Our Fathers (both of them) in Heaven will bless you for what you have already done.  Keep us posted and let us share your concern.  Tell all hello for us.  It was good to see Mel and his family and mother.

                                                Your loving brother

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  1. It is good to hear Dad express his gratitude to his sister.