Tuesday, April 15, 2014

another two day letter from a more recent time if you can call 44 years recent

                                                    April 14, 1970

Dear Mother,

            Each day I think I will get a letter off to you, and each day goes by so full I just drop off to sleep at night.  We thought we would get a garden planted last night, but it started raining about three in the afternoon, and it rained all night.

            We have had a very cold spring.  Starting about Wednesday of last week the sun began to shine, and it was very warm for 2 days, just long enough to open some of the blossoms.  The forsythia are finally blooming, and also the cherry blossoms.  When the festival opened a week go there wasn't a blossom out.

             .  We talked to them Saturday, and they were getting anxious.  She has been having false labor for three weeks, and spent one night in the hospital last week.  So much has happened since I wrote.  Lou got his induction papers for the army, but also got a deferment for six months, so he will be here when their baby is born in June.

            Ken Babcock went to California to look for a job bout a month ago.  He was gone a week, and came home with a job with I..B.M.  Within two weeks they were gone.  They moved to San Jose, and are living within a mile of where Ken works.  We surely miss the children.  Last Sunday was the first time I had been to church since they left, and there was such an empty feeling to know they weren’t there.

                                   April 15, 1970

            Another day has rolled around.  It is Wednesday, and my day off.  I haven’t been able to go to Relief Society, so last week started going to Vienna Ward on Wednesday.  I am going to try to go every week.  Since I have to work Sundays, I need some association with church even if it is another ward.  Harold came home from work Monday evening, and said the Dr. had called and told him his blood was way down again.  He went in yesterday, and they have him two more pints of blood.  I called Walt Deland, and he made a change in some of the things he has ben giving him.  We are hoping that something will cause a reversal in the spleen and that it will go down.  The last couple of weeks he has slowed down quite a bit.  We have been trying to go for a mile walk every night.  He feels that the blood doesn’t get to his hands and feet as it should, and we are hoping the exercise will help.  He is going to see the Dr. today at noon.

            Saturday, or maybe it was Sunday, Alice and Sam told us they were expecting a baby next December.  They are very happy about it.  They live in an apartment about a block from Betty and Blen’s old apartment.  It is quite small, but they are making drapes, and it will be quite nice.

            Harold Danny has been asked to compete for a chance to be on a television program for next winter.  The program is called “It’s Academic,” and there will be six from his high school that will participate.  The tryout is tomorrow night, at the TV studio.  He went up near Philadelphia last week-end for a three day band trip.  Last Thursday they had their spring band concert, then left the following morning on the band trip.  Two weeks ago he was inducted into the National Honor Society, and he is busy taking national scholarship tests.  He has two to take May Second.

            We have a little dog.  It is so very much like your Skippy.  It is a little Australian silky terrior.  She is just 3 ½ months old, and we are having a time trying to train her.

            We are hoping we will be able to come to Salt Lake the end of June for a few days.

            We still haven’t heard from Alvin and Bev about their baby.  Karen [Carlson] has been  feeling fine, and will probably only work another month.  Betty too is feeling fine.  She just called and wondered if we got any seeds planted Monday night.  It has rained 3 inches since Monday, and I believe it has just stopped.  Everything is so soppin wet.  The ground is like a sponge.  Charlene will be 3 years old on Friday.  Julie will be six on Sat. the 25th.  Bryan, Alvin’s boy was nine on Monday.

            Write to us when you can.  We all love you very much, and think of your wisdom and counsel so often.

              Lovingly, Laura

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