Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Laura got her letters written, to her sister and to her mother

                                                                                         April 22, 1942
                                                                                         643 Cedar Street
                                                                                         San Antonio, Texas

Dear Helen [Davidson Toronto]

            I’ve been here over a month now.  Sometimes it seems longer than that, and yet when I realize a whole month has gone by it seems to have gone on wings.  I came outside to write so I could watch Alvin at play, but he wants to be climbing on me or the chair or getting into my stationary.  He is just a regular boy.  The pockets on all his trousers are half torn off from stuffing them with rocks.  The last few days he has noticed the airplanes, and when he is in the house and hears one he drags me to the door.  He is saying some words very well now, but he is still too lazy to talk.

            Sunday night in church Reed Clinger, the one staying with us had to administer the sacrament, and when Alvin saw him he stood up on his chair waving his arms, and yelling “Weed, Weed.”  Later Harold had to talk, & he yelled Daddy and made so much racket while Harold was trying to talk I had to take him to the door.  He has been pretty good in church tho since we came.  Next Sunday night the Relief Society has charge of the program and they asked me to read a poem “Our Prophet.”  It is very short and not hard to learn.  It is nice to go to Relief Society here.  All the women are so friendly.  They hold it Wed. evenings so the husbands can stay home and take care of the children. 
            I should write to Mom today, but don’t think I’ll get at it.  Harold will be home at noon, and we are going to walk to the Market.  It is about as far as our Mkt is from your place I imagine.

            The boys are working until 5:30 again instead of 5 and they have a half day off before their day off.  I don’t know which I like the best.  It was good having them home at 5:20 and supper over with early.  But then, they are only half an hour later.

            If I don’t get a letter off to Mom tho. Tell her I’m glad the frig is on the way, and that they had someone come & pack it.  I should have thought of having it done that way myself but didn’t.

            I’m glad Mont is still working.  Hope he can work into something good, or at least keep what he is doing for a while.  You spoke of renting your house, and going down home.  Perhaps if you did that you would have the place to yourselves for a while.  We would like to have Mom come down about July 1 and would like her to stay 2 or 3 months at least.  The trip would be too hard on her if she didn’t stay that long.  But then I’m wondering about the heat here at that time.  If it is too bad I wouldn’t want her to come till later.  It depends too I suppose on what Pearl is going to do.  I suppose you are all waiting anxiously to see Royce again.  I’ve just got dinner over with, and put Alvin to bed so I think I will write to Mom before Harold comes.

            Take care of yourself Helen, and make your health the best you can.  I’m surely feeling tops.  With lots of love from all of us,

            Your loving Sister

P.S. I’m half tempted to send that yellow material home so you can make a dress for Pearl.
P.S. Tell Mom what I’ve told you if its worth telling.

                                                                                       April 22, 1942

Dear Mom,

            I’ll bet you breathed a sigh of relief when that frig was finally out of the house.  I’m so glad you had someone come and pack it.  I should have thought of it myself, because I was so worried that the boys would get hurt trying to lift it.  It is worth the $6.00 not to have the worry of it.  If you haven’t sent the $9.00 but I’m afraid by now you have, I’d say to send only $4.00 and have Pearl pay the other $5.00 to the Star, and see if that paid them in full.  If you have already sent the money we will send another $5.00 on the first, and I hope that will clear us of the Star.

            Harold has started a checking account, and each time he gets paid will put his full check in the bank.  Then we write checks for our rent and any other bills, & the check stub is a good receipt in keeping track of our money.  Reed pays us $15.00 every 2 weeks, and I use that for the house plus some of our own, then all that is left is in the bank.  It seems like a good way to save money.  The last check tho we had to take just about all of it out again, but once we get on our feet I think we will be ok.

            We are going to have a phone put in.  Reed wanted one, & said he would pay half the bill each month.  I think I’ll feel better with one in the house too.

            The boys are back working till 5:30 at night again, and they will have an extra half day off a week.  Harold will be home at noon today and have tomorrow off too.  It might be better at that I don’t know.  He decided not to take the Spanish class tho, because he wouldn’t have time to come home for supper, and we wouldn’t see him at all.  He is looking around to see if there isn’t some place giving lessons just 2 or 3 times a week instead of every night.

            I wrote a letter to Daniel & one to Helen this morning, and my hand is getting tired.  I sent a card to Dr. Gleave, Harry & Gert, & Harold’s draft board.  I also wrote to Delsa Duncan this week.

            The Dr. is giving me the same kind of iron capsules for my blood as Sundivall did, altho not so many of them.  I think my blood is up considerably already, altho I’ll have to watch my weight.  In the 5 months at home I only gained 6 lbs, and the month I’ve been here I’ve gained 5 lbs.  I am watching tho that I don’t eat so much.  I walk so much too you’d think I’d walk my weight away, but you can walk a mile here, & it is like walking 2 blocks at home.

            I hope Sister MacIntosh is better.  I guess Pearl is all in a dither over Royce coming home.  I hope you are not cleaning too much trying to get the place looking nice before he comes.  I wish we could send enough money to have the 2 rooms papered.  No one would like to see it done more than I.  At Church the other night Harold met an Elder Bloomquist who was in Sweden when he was.  He was here on vacation & lives within a block of Daniel in Calif.  We are always running into someone we know.  Looks like I’m running out of paper.  May God bless you Mother, & help us to see you soon.

            With love, Laura

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