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I'm trying to catch up with today

To Mrs. Jane S. Davidson, c/o L. F. Toronto, 870 Wilshire Pl., Salt Lake City, Utah, April 19, 1947

Dear Mother,

            I wrote to you the first part of the week, but was so upset with Jane I didn’t send it.  I believe she missed you more than we could tell.  She started whining for 2 hrs every night after she was put to bed.  The last 3 nights I’ve been closing the door & letting her howl.  It is 8:20 & she just now settled down.  She calls Mother C. Grandpa, and you Grandma.  She is as good as gold the rest of the day, but just figured she didn’t have to go to sleep when put to bed.

            Your letter telling of Jennette came this afternoon.  I do hope she is feeling well.  I know you are glad when it is over.  I am going to send Alvins white shirt to one of Jennette’s boys, it is too small for him around the neck, and it will be a long time before Louis grows into it.  I am also sending a jersey dress Mrs Niemeyer gave me because it was small for her, but I look like a sausage in it.  It is old, but Jennette can wear it for afternoons.  I won’t get them off till after the first of the week so don’t look for them too soon.  I’ll send them to 3112.

            Louis is as hungry as a bear all the time.  The last 2 days his nose has run, and his gums are swollen.  It looks like his top teeth are going to be a big U.  I can’t keep him in anything anymore.  He fell out of his high chair again, & off my bed.  We can’t leave him for a minute in the high chair, so we take the sleep-safe & tie it on the high chair, then pin him in.  And he just wiggles & squirms to get out.  We took him to Denver a week ago Wed. & the Dr. just took hold of his penis & pulled it apart.  It didn’t bleed, and he didn’t cry but it was terrible the stuff that was under it.  It was no wonder it irritated.  It is surely clean looking now.  He crawls like a streak of lightening on one knee and one foot.

            We all went to Denver except Alvin, & he stayed at Thompsons after school.  When we got there we bought a vacuum cleaner at Mother C’s request.  It is a compact, a cylinder type and it seems real good.  We’ve surely taken a lot of dirt out of the house with it anyway.  Then after I took the 3 children to the Dr. we went out to Niemeyers for the afternoon.  Maxine & her two children were there too, & when Harold came we all had supper together.  It was good to see all of them again.

            Mother C. also had Harold cut a piece of hose so I could fill the washer without lifting buckets.  Why couldn’t we have done that. 

            Mother C. visited with Aunt Nell all day.

            Before I forget the cleaning fluid is called Safeway - Brush Top - Spot remover.  Mine is all gone & I’ll have to get some.  You can get it at any drug store.

            The wind is howling tonight.  But for 2 days it has been rather nice.  Tues. we had 4 inches of snow, but it was gone by afternoon Wed.

            The package came with the shirts & booties.  The shirts fit Jane fine, & surely cover her stomach well.  I believe she can wear them up here all summer.  Harold walked over to Candlands with me last night & she was so pleased with the booties, & Mrs. Young too.  Tomorrow is Conference in Greely, and we were sent a program.  On it Harold was scheduled to talk on Temple Marriage.  They didn’t even ask him.  I’m glad he is being given the opportunity.  We will leave Jane & Louis with Grandma Carlson.  Greely is 30 miles to the North & East of Loveland, & it will be a long day.

            The new room is still in the making.  They sanded the floor yesterday, so it should be ready by Tues. & Wed.  They have already painted, and it has been a steady stream of men in here since they started.  Yesterday they put in our missing light switches on the porch, kitchen and bathroom.  We still aren’t going to do any painting.  I got some curtains for the porch at Penny’s in Loveland for $1.00 a pr. [drawing shows two long side panels with short middle panel] & they are flowered, & look nice.

            How was Pearl when you went to Logan?  Is she well?  It seems that a good part of the family was together at Conference time.  The pictures were surely nice.

            You said in both letters that Wid hadn’t been well, but didn’t say what the trouble was.

            Mrs. Candlin’s shower was a week ago Thurs. & I bought some rompers for her & we took over the booties, so it isn’t necessary to send a jacket.  If you do send it I’ll keep it for another time.  I sent to wards for rompers for Helen & Mrs. Young, but just got one pr. & gave them to Mrs. Young.  Will send again for Helen.  Mrs. Roberts address is (Mrs. Claude Roberts, Estes Park.)

            Mrs. Young told us that Mrs. Thompson has made up her mind not to come to S.S. any more.  She hasn’t said anything to us, but I believe Mrs. Young is not in a position to give her any help.  They see each other a lot.  They both seem to have more time than I.  We don’t want to force anything on Mrs. T. but felt she was interested, so we want to meet them more on a social basis.  We spent an evening visiting with them last week without mentioning religion, and hope to visit with them often. 

            I am feeling fine, and my shoulders haven’t ached since a week after you left.  It seems good to be free of that ache.

            I’ve been writing for over an hour, and must get to bed, because we will have to leave by 8 in the morning.  It sounds good to hear of the flowers blooming and the trees and grass green.  So far, spring is still eluding us.  The wind is still quite raw, altho last Sun. we all went for a walk around the area.  It is still howling tonight.

            Yesterday was the last day for kindergarten.  Betty has been going the last 2 weeks, and I’m glad it is over.  She did enjoy it tho.  They divided the supplys, & Betty got a large blackboard on legs, and it has kept them busy.

            Goodnight Mother, may the Lord bless you.  I’m so thankful that you were able to stay with us so long, & for the help you gave in teaching the children.  I’m trying to spend more time with them & less time working.



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