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For Betty

I have posted so many letters from 1942, that I thought I would finish up 1942 and the beginning of 1943 before continuing with Topaz.  Betty and her family would find this time very interesting.

Finishing up Texas before continuing with Topaz

 Obituary [probably Deseret News 13 June 1942]

Alvin E. Carlson
Alvin E. Carlson of 770 Springview Drive, died yesterday afternoon in a local hospital.
Mr. Carlson was born Sept. 16, 1883 in Pleasant Grove, Utah son of Isaac E. and Mary Anderson Carlson.

He was married Oct 2, 1907 to Hannah Jane Smith in the Salt Lake Temple.  He was a member of the Quorum of Seventy of the Springview Ward.  Mr. Carlson had been a plumbing and heating contractor for 25 years.
Surviving him are his widow: four sons. Kenneth A., Gordon S. and Robert D. Carlson of Salt Lake and Harold E. Carlson of San Antonio, Tex.: three daughters. Mrs. Ruth Owen and Mrs Genevieve Wigginton of Salt Lake and Mrs. Jean Quist of Holladay.: nine grandchildren: two brothers. Ra Carlson of Albion, Ida., and Hiram Carlson of Charleston, Utah; and one sister, Mrs. Effie Astin of Pleasant Grove.
Burial will be in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

Postcard postmarked Jun 15 10 AM 1942 Salt Lake City, Utah addressed to Mrs. H.E. Carlson 643 Cedar St., San Antonio, Texas

Mon. 7:30 am.

Arrived here at 6:30 Bob is taking me home.  I’ll write you a long letter this evening after the services.
Darling be careful and I’ll be seeing you.  The services are at 3:00 p.m. today.

Box 12 Burns Oregon
June 16th 42.
My Dear Laura,
I received both your letters with the sad news of Bro. Carlson’s death;.  Helen sent me a card Friday.  I received it yesterday.  I am glad Harold was able to go home and that you are all right there, with good neighbors and friends.  I know Harold will feel bad that he couldn’t see his Dad alive again but that is the way life is mostly.  Though at longest it will only be a few years and we will all pass on after our work on life is done, and meet our loved ones who have gone on before, so don’t mourn too much.  The Lords ways are not our ways and his wisdom and knowledge are past finding out.  It is a good thing that Bro. Carlson didn’t have to linger in pain at the hospital as so many have to do.  Mother Carlson will feel it the most.  She has always waited on him and I could see, the last time I was there before I left to come here that he wasn’t feeling good but was just as cheerie as ever and joking.  She was telling me about what Sister Van Dam said and I could see that it grieved him very much.  I hope Harold will be able to comfort his mother and that all the boys will rally around her and see to it that she won’t suffer for the necessities of  life.  It will be a trying time for her without the feeling of insecurity.  I know the Lord will Bless her and open up a way for her.  The loss of her husband she will feel all the days of her life, but the Lord will help to bind up the broken heart and she may live to do much good with her family and loved ones.  Bro. Carlson is released from all that pain and anxiety and I think he knew that he would not get better.  Harold will give you all the news when he comes back to you.  I hope that the hot spell has passed and that you are not suffering too much.  I hope Alvin is better and that his teeth will soon come through. Give him a big hug from Grandma and do take care of yourself.  I am glad that Reed is with you until Harold gets back.   We are all well here.  I am going home next week about Friday.  I will be home Sat. 27th.  I will spend our anniversary here.  It is also Daniel’s birthday, and Father’s day.  It will be a sad Father’s day for the Carlson children, but he was a good father to them and they ought to be thankful for that, and they had him a good many years.  Now my dear Laura I won’t write more I have to write to Jesse.  He is having it hot like you.  Love and kisses to you and dear little Alvin.  Lovingly Mother.

                             June 16, 1942

Dearest Laura,

I received your letter of the 14th this morning.  It was lovely and certainly a balm for a tender and sore heart.  Yesterday was lovely quite cloudy and a little breeze but at any rate very comfortable.  The services were the most beautiful that the heart can imagine.  I will not try to describe them it to you now as I’m sure I could not do it justice.  I will tell you all about it when I’m back with you again which I hope won’t be many days.  I’m going to town today to see the teacher’s retirement office and will try this evening to see Mr. Maughn after which I’ll know more about increasing the loan.  I’ll try to see Mark and Carry too but they are both working.  Mark night and day.  I won’t forget to visit the others either but hope I can get it all done in a couple of days as I’m too lonesome for you and Alvin to stay longer.  I would like to leave for Texas by Thursday.  I’ll talk with Helen about the basket.  I can’t think of more.  I want to have you in my arms when I tell you the rest.  Mother is a brick and I’m sure with our faith and prayers she will make it ok.                                                            All my love
[Letter from Daniel Davidson enclosed in envelope addressed to Jane S. Davidson c/. R. S. Davidson]
                                                                                                                                      June 14, 1942
Dear Mom:
Sorry I’ve been so neglectful in writing.  I haven’t been able to be home very many nights.  The work is piling up, and I have to put in some overtime work.  I hope you are well.  Don’t worry about any of us.  We are well and happy.  Mary Jane is cutting more teeth.  I think her upper teeth will come in a few days.

Mary will see you in Salt Lake about July 18 to Aug. 18. I may get a day or so, but so far the boss says “No.”  We are so busy that there is no time to give anyone a vacation.  I think if I stick to my job there will be a better chance for advancement.  I don’t have my new leg yet, but I am going into L.A. sometime this week for a fitting.  I don’t know how long it will be after the fitting, but it has been 2 weeks since I was measured.
This is Father’s Day, and I want to tell you how proud I am that my Dad was such a wonderful man.  I hope that I can be known for good as he is.  I know that if he had been permitted to stay with us that his good work would have grown and his name would have been more widely known for his goodness and character as well as his work.  He was a wonderful Father.  We are all proud of him and you too since you have carried on for both and given us all a home to be proud of and a heritage that excels above any.
Mary and Mary Jane gave me a shirt & tie & tie holder for Father’s Day.  It makes me stop and kind of take inventory to see if I’m living worthy of the title “Father”.  I find that I could improve immensely if I am to become as good a Father as Dad was.  I have no right to permit myself to be less than He and yet it is such a high goal to attain.  I must have the spirit of our Heavenly Father with me even to do half so well.  I pray that I may have the courage to stand always for those principles and ideals that he stood for.  I pray too that I may always abide by the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.  We all need our Heavenly Father’s assistance in all our undertakings.
We have heard from Laura & Helen, but haven’t heard from Jesse in a long time.  We were glad to hear that Lois and baby are both well and doing fine.  I surely would like to see the bunch of them.  Don’t worry about Roland working too hard.  He won’t work too hard.  Work is good for the body and soul.  He will be far ahead of everyone else.  He must take care of his body to enable him to keep working at such a pace, but I am sure that he has the wisdom and understanding to do that.  He is a fine Father, a wonderful brother, an excellent husband and a lovely son.  I hope that I will be able to follow his example.
Well Mom, I’ll write the next time to you in Salt Lake.  I’ll do my best to get there, but the chances are slim.  Take care of yourself.  I hope it isn’t as warm in Salt Lake as it is here.  It cools off at night, but the days are quite warm and sticky. 
May the Lord bless you
Your loving Son,
Best love from Mary and Mary Jane

                                                                                                                                       June 22, 1942

Dear Mother,
I’m ashamed of myself for neglecting to write all last week, & especially on your anniversary and Fathers Day, because I fully intended to, but was so concerned about Harold and everyone at home, and then I was so tired having Alvin all day every day, I usually went to bed with him.

Harold came back yesterday morning after having been on the bus 3 nights & 3 days.  He was pretty tired, & this morning has taken Alvin with him to get his shoes mended.  Other than being tired Harold feels fine about his trip home, and is so happy he could go.  He said that Mother Carlson is well, and holding up fine.  One thing he told me that made me feel good was that the night before Dad died Harley Wiggington went up & talked with him for the first time in nearly a year.
Alvin’s heat rash is cleared up completely, but I had to use a heat rash powder, but it cleared it up in 3 days.  That terrible heat only lasted 3 days but the temperature went up to 112o
It was 105o in the house.  Ordinarily it ranges from 85o to 100o from morning to evening.  The fan we bought helps a great deal, and it wouldn’t feel so hot if you didn’t perspire so much all the time.  In the evening there is always a breeze, and we have got used to bathing every day, & staying in the house between 12 & 4.  But at beast, it is hot.  And after you have been in Oregon where it is so cool I’m just wondering if the sudden change in climate would be too good for you.  But on the other hand, we would like to have you come very much, and we feel that we can have someone come in & do the work, so you would not have anything to exert yourself with, and as long as you don’t have to work in this heat, you don’t feel it.
If you still think you would like to come, we will be able to send some money by July 10, altho because of Harolds trip we will only be able to send enough for one way, plus $10. For expenses on the way.  We’re just hoping the baby doesn’t come before then.  Harold brought the baby basket with him, & that will save us a little.  Mont & Helen filled it with jam, Alvin’s toys, & Harold’s garments.  Also 2 pr of garments for me, & a few odds & ends I had left.  The one pr. Of cotton garments she sent size 40 must have been yours I guess, but they are going to be fine.
Sister Carlson sent a batiste night gown for my birthday so that gives me 3 I can wear and that will be plenty.  Everything seems to be coming along pretty good, altho we have to be careful.  We feel if we try to do what is right, everything will work out for us.
I want to get this letter off today so you’ll get it before you leave.  I just got your letter this morning.  It took it nearly a week, & was the first letter I’d had from anyone since Harold left.  It is good to have him back.  Alvin was afraid of him, and didn’t know him for a while.  Today he won’t let Harold out of his sight.
I told you Reed was going to get married, but 2 days after he gave his girl a ring he got notice to report for duty in the army today in Salt Lake.  However he had his entry transferred here, & will enter from here this Fri or Sat.
Well, I want to write to Mother Carlson, & so does Harold.  It is nearly 12, & time to get dinner & fix lunches.
Tell the family in Burns hello and I hope Lois & Lois Ann are getting along fine by now.
Your letter this morning surely helped.  Harold & I were both happy to hear from you.
With Love,

Vale Hotel Oregon
Friday evening
[June 26, postmarked June 27, 1942]

Dear Laura & Harold,
I am on my way home.  Roland  had business in Vale so I came with him. 

Sat. morning at Caldwell Idaho.  I started this letter last night and found that I had no ink in my pen.  I slept at Vale Hotel and was awakened this morning at 3: a.m. with a fire alarm. The fire was on the outskirts of town.  My bus left at 4:20 so I just got up and dressed.  I hated to  leave Roland. We are now at Nampa for a few minutes.  I don’t know where I will mail this but I am writing it in hopes that I can finish it before I get to Salt Lake.  I get there at 9:30 this evening.  I don’t mind riding on the bus.  I got your letter before I left saying that Harold got back all right.  I am glad that he was able to go home and I am sure his Mother needed him.  I had a letter from Helen before I left and she told me she had some Southern people there from Alabama.  They expected Jennette to be in Salt Lake.  They came to go through the Temple.  They are staying at our place.  It seems that Mont’s job is finished and they want him to go to Ogden.  It is always changes.  Just arrived at Boise, had a cup of chocolate and toast, am feeling fine.  I have to wait here an hour so I will mail this from here.  I had a letter from Daniel the other day.  He says Mary is coming to Salt Lake for month from July 18th to Aug. 18th.  He doesn’t get a vacation only for a day or so at a time.
I don’t know whether I will see her or not as I intended to leave for your place about the 15th of July or do you want me earlier.  I thought I would go to see Jennette for a week or so, but may change my plans when I get home.  How much does it cost on the bus to San Antonio.  Just send me half fare and I will only need not more than $3.00 for expenses, and I hope not that much.  I will be happy to see you.  I was going to write Harold’s Mother, but could not remember the address, but will see her when I go home.
It rained at Burns the last 2 days.  Here at Boise the sun is shining bright and it is nice and warm.  It was cool on the bus.  I am wearing my suit and it is quite comfortable.  I also have my navy blue coat and had it wrapped around my feet.  What will I wear down there.  Now dear children bye bye and write soon. I will try and borrow some ink to address the envelope, and will mail this here.  Love and kisses to you and dear little Alvin.  
Lovingly Mother.

 Salt Lake City
 June 27, 1942

Dear Harold and Laura.
Your letter came a day or two ago.  It was greatly appreciated.  We are getting along pretty well.  Aunt Nell has left and Jean has moved so you can never know the lonesomeness although Jean has been up every day but that can not last for long.
Its impossible for me to realize that Dad has gone.  His clothes still hangs in the closet and his presents always seems near but you will never know.  I can hardly live.
Its pay day today and I really have the blues.  If the boys can always have work is my constant prayer because I am depending entirely on them.
Then there is Robert.
He got his certificate yesterday making him a full fledged Ensign signed by Secretary Knox with the United States Navel Seal on it.  
We think we have a little pull for goverment help, will tell you later if it developes.

Robert is very proud of this certificate.
I can’t write more this time.  Please forgive me.
Mother [Carlson]

                              July 9, 1942

Dear Mother,
I’m tired tonight, & it has been a little warmer than usual, but I did want to get a letter off to you.  You’ll get it Monday and probably will leave by Wed. evening.  The 7:00 P.M. train from the D & RG makes the best connections I believe.
I wanted to remind you to call Sister Laxman & get Mabel’s address.  You will undoubtedly have a stop over of several hours in Denver and I believe Mabel is working in the mission ofc.  If so you could take a taxi from the station & rest at the mission home while you are there.  If I were you I’d check your bag, & carry a towel & wash cloth & soap in a small box. A suit case is just a nuisance, especially when you have a couple of 2 hr stop-overs.  You might just have your knitting bag in your hands, nothing more.  You can get all you’ll need on the trip in it.  You’ll be safe to take your light coat, but my guess is that you won’t need it after you leave Denver.
I can hardly wait until you get here.  A week tomorrow you’ll be here if you leave the 15th.  Hope you got the check from Wid ok.
Last night some of the ladies made a special point to invite me to Relief Society, & when I got there they had a baby shower for me.  All the women in the branch turned out.  I was so surprised, & to think the people could be so kind when we’ve been here so short a time.  They gave me 3 lovely blankets, 4 dresses, 2 sleeveless shirts & 2 bands, 2 pads & 2 crib sheets (cotton) a rubber sheet for the basket, some croqued shoes, a knit night gown, towels & wash cloths, a baby book, 2 pair of silk white ankle sox, and more.  I won’t need to buy anything with the exception of a doz. diapers, the thin ones.  The people down here have hearts of gold.  Some that I’d only met came.  It was really lovely.  I invited Ruth Lundgren to go to the meeting to get her started to Relief Society, & she was the only one besides myself that didn’t know about the shower.  She felt as embarrassed as I.
Well, I could go on & on, but I must get some rest.
God bless you Mother, & may you have a pleasant & safe trip down.
With love
P.S.  If the large rubber sheet is still about will you bring it?  Could you find out what station you will arrive at here.  There is the M.K.T. the Missouri Pacific, Southern Pacific, & one other I believe.  It will make it easier for us to meet you if they can give you that information.  Other than that just let us know the day & the time you leave home, & we can check on when you will arrive.
With Love,


July 21, 1942
                                 643 Cedar St.
 Dear Dan & Mary,
We received your lovely letters Sat. morning, and were so happy to hear from you.  It is too bad you were both disappointed on your trip to Salt Lake.  It seems like we can’t count on anything being definite these days.  We have to take each day as it comes, and if things don’t go our way we have to take it with a smile anyway.
Mother didn’t go to Tabiona as she had planned.  The trucks were all crowded with people going up for the fourth and Mom just couldn’t find a way up.  Jennette I’m sure must have been disappointed.  Mom expected to stay in Salt Lake until Mary came on Sat. but Mother Carlson felt like she ought to come down here as soon as she could so she left Salt Lake Tues evening, and got here Friday morn on my birthday.  It was one of the nicest birthday gifts I’ve ever had.  She came all that long way on the Bus.  She said the trains frighten her, and she was very tired when she arrived.  I believe she still is tired.  We were up at 7:A.M. this morning, & by 10 she laid down on the couch, & went to sleep.  It is 11:30 now and she is still there.  It will take her a little while to get used to the climate.  I hope she can have a good rest before the baby comes, and then I’ll have someone in to help her then too.  I’m going to a Catholic hosp.  It seems to be the best one here too.
When Mother heard you weren’t coming to Salt Lake Mary, she was glad she left when she did.  I believe the trip was quite hard on her, altho she said it wasn’t bad.  She just bought a one way ticket here, and when she leaves she will buy her ticket from here to Salt Lake via San Bernardino.  And if you feel like you can pay a portion of it all well & good.
It sounds like you are really having it hot there.  At least your nights are cool.  The temp. here lately has ranged between 80o & 95o.  It is about 95o when we go to bed, & by morning it will usually get back down to 80o & then start climbing again.  Mom says she doesn’t feel the heat here anymore than at home except that she can’t get used to the perspiration running down her face all the time.  She will sit & sew & the water will run down & cover her glasses.  Her hair is always wet, & she has had to keep it braided to keep it any where near dry.  She had a wool jacket started for me, but the heat won’t permit her to work on it.
Alvin runs around in a sun suit, & is brown as his hair which is still a golden brown.  You can hardly tell where his hair begins it is so near the color of his skin.  We had quite a scare with him just about a month ago.  He was playing with a dog, & the dog turned on him & bit him in the eye, & on the head.  We still can’t understand how his eye escaped injury, because the dog bit down inside the lower lid.  The Dr. had to take a stitch in his head, & it is just now healing.  There is still a bit of the scab that hasn’t come off.  People here are so afraid of dog bites because of rabbies.  We had to report it to the board of health, & they came out & examined the dog twice within 10 days (the danger period) & made the people keep the dog tied up for the 10 days.  If the dog had taken sick within 10 days Alvin would have had to take shots for rabbies, one every day for 14 days in the pit of the stomach.  We were so thankful he didn’t have too.  Besides being painful they are quite expensive.
Mother is awake & I’ll leave to fix dinner.  She insists I finish.  She got your letter ok.  Helen sent it & it came the same day we got yours.  She intended writing to you this morning, & I was just going to write a short note to put in with hers, but she says now she will write in aa few days.
Mary Jane will be a year old in a few days, and I’ll bet she is cute.  You will have to send a picture of her.  Just wait until she starts walking then climbing.  Last night we put Alvin to bed then went out on the porch for about an hour.  When we came in I walked thru the house without turning on lights until I got to the kitchen & looked in to see if Alvin was ok.  He wasn’t in his bed, & I looked all over for him.  We found him asleep on the floor in the doorway from the hall into the bathroom.  He climbs in & out of bed when he pleases.
Well Dan & Mary.  I’ll stop now, but will write again soon.  We’ll expect to hear from you soon too.
With Love,
 [Laura’s note:  Mother came to San Antonio for the Birth of Betty, then continued on to San Bernardino to visit my brother  Daniel and Mary.]
                                                                                                                                        643 Cedar St
                                                                                                                                San Antonio, Tex
                                                                                                                                          Aug 4th 42.

Dear Daniel & Mary

I guess you are wondering what has happened to me.  I know I ought to have written to you when I cam here but with Laura writing I thought I would wait till the baby came but the baby hasn’t come yet and it is a week over due and I am getting tired of putting off writing to you.  I hope you are all fine how is little Mary Jane standing the heat.  I hope she is well.  Dosn’t she have a birthday soon. and I think one of Willards children has a birthday also but I don’t know when.  You will all have to send me a Genealogical sheet with all your dates on it.  I can’t remember and I don’t want to forget Birthdays not that I can buy presents but I do want to wish the children a happy Birthday So I wish Mary Jane a happy birthday when it comes.  We are all fine here.  Laura is fine we are all patiently waiting for the baby.  I don’t hear much from home.  The last letter I had was from Pearl.  They are well.  Mont & Helen had been out that Sunday for dinner.  They had taken Thora Walker out with them.  She was in Salt Lake for the week end.  She is working in Carlin Nevada her home town.  Jennette was well when I heard.  So was Roland & Lois and children.  They have two missionaries at Burns with them now.  So Roland will have some help.  I hope that both of you will write to Jesse as often as you can.  He expects to be moved by the 10th of Aug. but doesn’t know where they will send him.  It has been sweltering hot is Sikeston [Missouri] and he feels it very much.  It has been pretty hot here but not much warmer than at home.  If only I didn’t sweat so much I really could stand it but I sweat so much my face aches.  My body isn’t so bad, just my face and hair.  This is a lovely clean place and I like it very much.  I will write after the baby comes and let you (sweat drops) know how things are.  You will have to excuse the sweat drops and I won’t write more now.  Some time when I am in town I may get Mary Jane something for her birthday.  I have only been in town with Laura to get some things from the drug store and it was so hot we came right home.  Now my dear Children write to me often whither I write to you or not.  I always look for a letter and one really gets lonesome for a letter here.  I have gone to church twice since I came.  The people at church are very nice.  They have been kind to Laura and gave her a shower and she lot a nice lot of baby things.  All except diapers and we bought a doz since I came.  Now I think I have given you all the news and that you will write to me soon and tell me all that you are doing.  Have you any fruit there we have no fruit here or nice vegetables.  I guess it is between seasons.  I would like a nice feed of Peaches.  Bye bye & write soon.  Lots of Love from Mother to Daniel Mary & Mary Jane. write soon.

 [postcard]                                                                                                                        Aug 6, 1942

Dear Dan & Mary, and Happy birthday Mary Jane.
It is a shame Betty couldn’t wait another day to come when she was already so late.  But the little dickens was here in 10 min less than 2 hrs once she decided to come.  A little too fast for comfort.  It happened tho that the Dr. was in the hosp., & just stayed right here.  She weighted 9 lbs 7 oz. & looks like a little butter ball.  Has very dark hair, & lots of it.  Altho it seems very fine.  Her eyes are very dark blue.  All the nurses say she looks like she is half grown.  I feel simply wonderful & have almost decided to have 14 yet.  I don’t even feel like I’ve had a baby compared to last time.  Harold didn’t have time to worry & fret, & Mother is glad Betty is here. - More later.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Love Laura

                                                                                                                                  643 Cedar Street
                                                                                                                           San Antonio, Texas.
                                                                                                                                          Sept 9th 42.

Did I write to tell you about the Hurricane that we had here.  It was awful, a week ago last Sunday.  I will tell you about it when I come.

Dear Daniel,

I thought I would have answered your letter by this time, but the time just flies past, and it seems as if after the little work is done there is not much energy left.  Anyway we are all well, Harold is better of his cold and Laura & Baby are fine.  Alvin has a slight cold but I guess he will be all right soon.  Did Mary and Baby go to Salt Lake.  I hope she will have a nice visit with her Mother and friends.  I guess I will leave here the end of this month or the first week in Oct, and will stay with you 2 weeks and be home by the end of Oct.  That is what I am planning.  It will cost me about _0 more to come round by San Bernardino but I do want to see you.  Jennette wants me to come and stay with her in Tabiona this winter.  Burnell has to can go herd sheep and make good wages and she thinks if I came up there with her they would live in Uncle Ben’s house down in town and be near the church & store, and have light & good water, what do you think.  Have you heard from Jesse.  He has been transferred to address = 1416 Blytheville Ark.  He has had a touch of Malaria but is feeling better.  He was in bed several days in the hot weather and it wasn’t fun.  Tomorrow is Helen’s & Lorna Jane’s Birthday.  I wrote to Helen, it is hard for me to remember the grand childrens birthdays.  I will soon have to look on the calander every day and have the days marked but I don’t have a record of their birthdays.  I will have to do better than I am doing.  I had a letter from Aunt Maggie from Scotland.  They are all pretty well, but feeling the brunt of the war after 4 yrs of it.  Lizzie’s husband is still away somewhere, but was getting home on leave.  I have not heard nor written to Aunt Jesse for a long time.  I hope you will write to Jesse & Jennette.  Jennette feels kind of lonesome as she can’t get down and no one comes up.  They are all busy putting up fruit and vegetables.  How is the weather there now.  We still have it hot, it has been raining for several nights and it gets hot again in the day time the rain does not cool it off much.  We had a letter from Bishop and Sister DeYoung last week.  The Bishop has been feeling the heat this summer, and he has to be careful of what he does.  I was happy to hear of one of your Sunday School Class joining the Church.  We all have a great deal of work to do in this church.  It is a pity that the world ignores the truth as they do surely we as Latter day saints have lots to be thankful for.  The Lord has surely blessed us to be able to bear our testimony that we are even a humble member in this church, and it is too bad that some of our members does not realize their blessings.  Now dear Daniel it is time to be getting dinner and I want Harold to mail this.  He works from 3 P.M. to 11 so he leaves for work right after dinner.  Hope you & Mary & Mary Jane are feeling fine, and that I will be seeing you soon if I can get enough money to come.  Don’t go worrying about money, if we all keep well we are surely blessed and the Lord will open up the way for us all if we are faithful with lots of Love from Mother.
(Do you hear from Roland.  Write to him if you can. )

                                  643 Cedar Street
                                  San Antonio, Texas
                                  Sept. 13, 1942

Dear Dan,

We heard that Mary was in Salt Lake, and would be until this coming Fri.  I’ll bet you miss her and the baby.  We are all so homesick for Salt Lake we don’t know what to do.  At the present time we are just enduring the heat. September so far has been worse than the rest of the summer.  We are all covered with heat rash except Harold & the baby.  I don’t know how they escape.  Mother’s & Alvin’s arms look almost raw with it.  We are just hoping for a let-up in the weather.  You probably heard of the hurricane we had Aug 30, that caused over a million-dollars worth of damage here, and nearly scared us all to death, well since then the air has just seemed charged with heat.  We will just have to pray for cool weather.
Alvin has been quite hot, cranky with the heat, and he is still cutting teeth, & on top of that has a cough.  We have to be so patient with him it is pitiful.
Well Dan, as Mother wrote and told you she has kinda’ been planning to leave here the first week in October, but – If it is still as hot as it is now she won’t go till it gets cooler.  And then – we have really had some expenses since we came, and I’m sure we will not have enough put by at that time for her full fair.  From here to S.L. by way of S.B. is near $40.00.  38 something I believe.  Now, if you could send some money to us to help out a little, it would be so much cheaper to buy the complete ticket here.  We want Mom to stay with us as long as she will, and we would like to have her stay and enjoy some cool weather.  So if you can’t send any money by Oct. 1, we would be glad to have her stay here longer.  Anyway write & tell us if this interupts any plans of yours, and we will cooperate with you.
Harold is working again tonight, and this afternoon.  Mom & I took the kids & went visiting.  Guess who –.  Harvey Felt & his wife.  They are here for 2 or 3 months installing telephones.  Ruth Linnaback & her husband are also here for a couple of months.  I haven’t seen Ruth yet, but Mother & Harold saw her this morning in Sun. School.  There is really a swarm of Salt Lakers coming in.
Well Dan this is about all I feel up to writing tonight, except that we are all well, and we have the best baby ever.  She is so good we sometimes forget we’ve got her.  Write to us real soon, & let us know what you can do, and if you have any plans, & what they are regarding Mom coming.

With Love - Laura

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Internet Images of Topaz, Utah

These images of Topaz, Utah are meant to go with the September letters. Harold taught at the High School in Topaz after leaving the translation/censorship job in San Antonio, Texas.

Japanese Relocation Camp, Topaz, Utah - September 1943 - 71 years ago.

Aug 7, 1943 [Probably Sep. 7 because it is in an envelope with a Sep 8 postmark]
                                                                                                                                        Topaz, Utah

Dear Mother,
I do hope Willard got home safely, and I’m glad you & Edna didn’t come with us, because it was a long trip.  Betty & Alvin were both exhausted when we got here.  They are feeling fine now and are having a lot of fun.  These big rooms are just the thing for children to play in and they play together as good as gold.
It is quite a set up here.  The thing we object to most is the dust.  Its fine white dust & gets into everything.  Then there is the water & bathroom situation.  Other than that it is very nice here.  Everyone is very friendly, and try to help us all they can.  Harold was home yesterday all day except for 2 hrs, & he was home again this morning so we’ve got things pretty well settled.  There is still a lot of cleaning to do.  The baby’s beds are very dirty & I was going to scrub them this afternoon then decided I’d better write.  We take our dishes over to the laundry & wash them rather than pack the water.  There is always plenty of hot water.  It is so hot we made Jello with it after we brought some home in the jug.  Every morning 2 Japanese women come in & make the bed, & shake all the rugs, & sweep & mop the floors.  I was surely surprised when they came in at 8:30 this morning.  I was just giving Betty her breakfast because she slept so late.  Harold has to be to work at 8 AM so we eat early.
It is so hot here in the afternoons we nearly wilt about 3 A.M. it starts cooling off & by six AM you would think you were in Alaska.  The sun on the white dust glares like on snow.  I’ve got to get an umbrella & hats with shades on them.  We haven’t tried going outside between 12 & 3 P.M.  It’s too hot.
Apparently there are quite a few things we forgot.  The large cardboard box in the basement we intended to bring & forgot about it altho we didn’t have room for it.  Nor the box of books & fruit.  There is a large Physiology book in the wooden box with the rug over it & Harold will need it.  I wonder if you will mail it.  I also forgot my vitamins.  Were you able to get my dress from the cleaners?
It is so hot I can’t think what I want to write.  We live about a block from Fern [Rees Barrows].  I haven’t been over there yet but I’ve seen her in the laundry room.
We are invited to a tea tomorrow for all the high school teachers & their wives.  Harold is on a committee to ship all the Alien Japanese to Tule Lake California.  There will be over 2,000 from here going.
I hope you have decided to remain home.  I think that is the wisest thing.
With love,

Salt Lake City, Utah
Sunday afternoon
Sept. 12. 43.
Do you want me to send your dress,

Dear Laura,
Helen left for California Friday evening, or really Sat. morning at 2: a.m.  Friday was her birthday and we went to town after she washed her hair and did some packing.  She was very tired when she left, so was I.  I felt bad because I didn’t get any supper for her nor a cake nor anything.  She was going at seven o’clock and it seemed as if we couldn’t get anywhere with the packing to get her ready on time.  Sis. Toronto said it was a good thing that she didn’t go up at seven as she couldn’t have gone anyway as there were a lot of Draftees going and people had to just wait in the waiting room for the next Bus. Bro. & Sis. Toronto  came about 12:p.m. and took her to the depot and waited until she left at 2.  I bet they were very tired next day.  Mont was to meet her at Oakland.  I am sorry you left your things. Hope you are not needing them too bad.  I guess I ought to have sent your pills but I have been so busy and tired that it just slipped up.  Hope Harold got the books all right. Yesterday I put up plums and cleaned the front rooms then went to Bell Blazard’s Robertson’s funeral.  I still have a few plums to put up.  Pearl will be home Tuesday, as she wants to start Mutual.  I am going over to take care of Edna’s children in the morning.  She is going to work tomorrow for another two weeks as it is someone else’s vacation.  Then Pearl can go when she comes home.  I haven’t any  Peaches put up yet.  I got 6 qts. Of Pears out of them Harold took off the tree.  Sister Brienholt brought me over 6 cans of corn.  Some of our tomatoes are ripe and Willard had a mess of corn for dinner today out of our garden, and we had some before Helen left.  I went to Willard’s today for dinner.  I have not heard any more from any of them away except Jennette.  They are all well.  The weather here is lovely.  I went over to see Mrs. Barrows one day.  She seemed tickled over it.  This house seems so quiet.  I find myself tiptoeing for fear I will wake some of the children. I don’t know what happened to those books that Harold got from England.  They were on the small table in the front room, and they are not there any more.  Do you think some one opened the door and took them.  Maybe Helen moved them.  Does these Jap women come in all the time and do your floors.  I am glad the rooms are large enough for the children to play.  The schools & shows are all closed here to children 17 years old & under.  No Deacons at Sacrament meeting.  I didn’t get to our ward reunion with Helen going away. Hope you are feeling rested and that the children are well and happy.  I do hope Harold will enjoy his work, and do have a good time both of you together.  Laugh & sing and play with the children.  Give Alvin a hug from Grandma also Betty and lots of love to you Both from Mother.

                                                                                                                                      Sept 13, 1943
                                                                                                                                        Topaz, Utah
Dear Mother,
We got your letter this evening and were glad to hear from you.  We are at present living about half a mile from the post office & have to make a special trip for mail.  Harold’s school is half a mile in the opposite direction.  If you ever saw flat country its out here.  The books came Friday ok & Harold had his first day of School today & it went very well he said.

We’ve had one week of it here, & it has been good & bad.  When I stop to think how Jennette has it I know it is much easier for us than her.  We have to carry water yes, but we have hot water day or night just by going after it a short distance.  The bathroom situation is the worst, but we are getting used to it.  When I bath the children I take them to the wash house & they have 4 bath tubs & 2 doz. wash basins and it is always well heated.  I take their clean clothes with me & dress them there.  It is much easier than carrying the water here to bathe them.  I’ve decided to do my washing in the evening after Harold gets home so he can watch the children, & it works out very well.  Last Wed we bought a bu of peaches from a fellow who trucked them in to Topaz & Thurs. I went into Delta & bought 2 doz bottles & Fri eve we bottled them.  I got 22 quarts & 1 qt of jam.  Don’t worry about the things I left, because I haven’t missed anything too much.  I have 6 sheets with me, & that is plenty.  Don’t send the dress either.  The dust is so thick you wear one dress till you can’t stand it any longer then wash it out.  So as yet I’m wearing washables.  The only thing I really miss is my vitamins & it was silly of me to go off without them. 
With the move, I completely forgot Helen’s birthday until I read your letter.  Yes, the women still come in every morning & make my bed because they get here usually before I have a chance to make it & give the furniture a once over with a duster & swap the floors & go over it with a damp mop to take the dust off.  It helps no end.  We really should have different shoes for the house from the ones we wear out.
Betty & Alvin both like it here & adjusted quickly to it.  We have army blankets & comforts & they are so light & soft yet so warm it is wonderful.  The mattress is the best I’ve ever slept on.  It is like air.  We are cooking on a 3 burner kerosene stove & it is very satisfactory.  We have large army heaters & Harold puts them on in the morning & that is all we need yet.  It has warmed up since I called you.  It is quite a problem to get in to Delta for food.  But we get bread & milk here at the dining hall & occasionally can get other things at the (Japanese) resident canteen.  We are out of touch with the world completely.  No newspaper or radio.  When our check comes we’re going to get the paper tho.  A little over a week & Jesse will be home.  Perhaps we can come up for a day.            With Love, Laura

[Postmarked: Delta, Utah Sep 21]
                                                                                                                                        Topaz, Utah
                                                                                                                                     Sept. 20, 1943

Dear Mother,
It seems that I have a minute to write this morning.  We’ve been very busy for the past week.  Harold has been on a committee to help get all these people going to Tule Lake.  Sat. night 441 people came from Tule, a day before expected & they had to put up beds for them in the school house.  Then yesterday 500 left here for Tule.  These people coming in are all American Japanese and we are glad to see the Alien Japanese leave.
I guess you are getting ready to welcome Jesse home.  Is he still coming this Thurs.  Harold will be able to get Sat. & Sun. off in about 2 weeks so we hope we can come in for a day to see Jesse.
I had a letter from Helen yesterday and she is surely happy to be with Mont.

It is one o clock now.  Fern has gone into Delta & I have her 3 children.  Lauana is in school. The bus to Delta leaves at 1:00 P.M. & gets back at 4:30, and that is the only way we can get in to do shopping.  I went in last Friday but this is the first time Fern has gone in.  Fri I was the only white person on the bus and it takes half an hr. to get to Delta.  The jap people here are very friendly and very appreciative of anything you do for them.  I gave the ladies that come to clean some peaches once & pudding another time.  And it seems they can’t do enough to try to repay you.  They don’t get much fruit & they are hungry for it.
This evening we are going into Delta with Dave Evans and his wife from Murray.  He was in the Southern States on a mission while Jennette was there only he was in Florida.  They have a boy 3.  Well, I’m going to do a little ironing for Fern while she is gone.  I’m able to keep up with mine fine, but she gets pretty far behind with hers.  I’m surprized how nice she keeps her children and she surely tries to keep herself & house looking nice.
We went to Sunday School a week ago & it is held in one of the small apts in the Staff housing it is the home of Cornwall a brother to J. Spencer, but I’ve not spent such a miserable morning in a long time.  Alvin didn’t make a sound all the time but Betty wanted to move around altho she wasn’t noisy.  Every time she touched anything Mrs. Cornwall would turn & look at her, and she finally asked me to take them into the next apt to a Jr. class.  I couldn’t take them in and leave them and I felt that I wanted to listen to the lesson too. So I took Betty on my lap again & amused her with my hankie.  That was alright for a time but she would set & talk to herself as she so often does.  Bro Cornwall was giving the lesson and every time Betty made a sound he would pause.  I was getting madder all the time I guess, anyway He paused again and then reread his sentence & as he reread it Betty squelled & he made note that he would reread it again.  The room was small & there were 20 people in it all sitting close enough together that there was no need for him to repeat because we could all hear & I was the farthest from him.  Well anyway I got up & walked out with Alvin & Betty.  They used to have their meetings in the Recreation hall and there is no reason why they still can’t have them there because there is a piano there & everything & we wouldn’t be worried about the children soiling someone elses furniture.  The Cornwalls are odd.  They don’t recognize anyone on the project and speak only when they feel like it.  Consequently they are not very well liked by anyone.  But I know I’ll have to try to treat them decent anyway.  There are a lot of lovely LDS people here and we should have a good branch.  Must stop for no[w] .  May God bless you Mother          
With Love       Laura

                                                                                                                                        Topaz, Utah
                                                                                                                                      Sept 26, 1943
Dear Mother,

Yesterday was Sunday, & we got your letter in the morning.  Sometimes it is hard for us to get the mail every day.  We wanted to come in some time & see Jesse, and when the Evens’ said they were going it and gave us the opportunity to go with them we took it.  But we can’t leave here until 3 P.M. Friday and it is a 4 or 5 hr. drive.  Then we will have to return sometime Sunday afternoon.  I had planned on staying 2 or 3 days longer but I’ve told a woman I’d take care of her little boy 19 mo. Starting Oct 4th.  They are so hard up for high school teachers that she is going to teach.  Her husband Leon Westover is also a teacher and they are L.D.S.  He is first counselor to the branch president.  By the way they started holding church in the Recreation hall yesterday & it is every so much better.
Harold can’t think where he put the pins for the bookcase.  The vitamins came ok.  It was surely good to hear Jesse yesterday. And we would be glad to have him come back with us for a while.  We’ve plenty of room and we’ve got an army cot he could sleep on & its pretty comfortable too.  We’ve got stacks of bedding too, 3 comforts & 8 wool blankets.  Yesterday we finally found out that we’re in line for an apartment but it may be one month or 2 months before they are finished.
We got ½ bu of tomatoes Sat & we’ve eaten a lot of them but I’ll put the rest up & we’ll get a few more qts.  Thayer finally got more gas for his car so he can go after our groceries once a week now.  The washer is ok now but we had to put new oil in it.  Furn is using it too & paying me 50¢ a week.  She wouldn’t use it without paying me & the project washer is as hard to use as doing it by hand.  Mrs. Westover is going to pay me $1.00 a day which with be $25. A month and we don’t have to buy wood or coal so we ought to be able to pay off our ins. Loan & save some money.  We are buying a bond every month anyway.
I’m going to take care of Ferns children this morning.  She is going up to the offices & see if they can expect an apt. in the near future.
I do hope you have a good trip to Roland’s and that all goes well.  We wish you were going to be home when we come, but perhaps you can come down to visit us when you get back.  Praying that the Lord will watch over you

With Love       Laura