Friday, April 4, 2014

Sixty five years ago

[Sent from 1323 West Virginia, Denver, Colo.]
                                                          April 4, 1949
Dear Mother,

I was glad to hear from you again.  Had a letter from Helen the other day too, and they all seem to be feeling better.

Brother & Sis Eaccle from Springview were just here for half an hour visiting.  They came over with their son Ray who is living here, and also working for the Bur. of Reclamation.  Ray & his wife live in the same ward we do, so we should see more of them.

Harold left for S.L. last Thurs. evening, and since conference continues until Wed. I don’t know when to expect him home.
I let Alvin borrow my pen to write to his class in Estes and I can’t seem to make it work for me again.

We moved down a week ago Fri expecting the children to start to school on Monday but found that Spring Vacation just started so they were off all last week, and it snowed every day, even all day yesterday but today dawned bright & sunny & most of the snow melted, but oh! The mud!  You know we didn't have mud in Estes.  There is not a place on earth that doesn't have its good points and its bad ones.

We did catch slight colds in moving, but are mostly over them.  Mrs. Kennedy invited us to their house while the movers moved things in here, & Harold came back there & we had dinner with them.  Harold helped them in a move several months ago.

Mrs. Reed had us over for supper the night before we moved, so all in all it worked out nicely without too much last minute fussing.

We like our house even tho it is small, and there is a lot of waste room that could be utilized.  We have been looking into the possibility of an automatic washer instead of building on a utility porch, but find that a washer would cost $300.00, and we would have to have a larger hot water heater to take care of it because the one we have is just 20 gal, and the automatic washers need at least a 30 gal & preferably a 40 gal. tank.  Besides that they will only allow us $18. On our old washer, which doesn't seem reasonable at all to us.  So it may be that the utility porch with the installed drain tubs will be cheaper all around, but we will have to decide on that when Harold returns.

Mrs. Eakle was telling me that Ruth Owen’s little girl 5 years old was hit by a car and has a broken leg, and was hurt in the head too.

Helen seemed worried in her letter about Jennette wanting to pull out and move to S.L. now that Reed has to be in the hospital.  Labor conditions seem to be getting worse every day, and I can’t see that they would profit by going to Salt Lake.

Betty has had a continuous cold since Feb 14th and I took her to the Dr. the other day when I went.  She has been biting her teeth at night for several months, & Mrs. Thompson told me that was a sign of worms.  The Dr. said that was just an old idea without any truth in it, but told me to watch for them anyway.  I had looked before, but never found any, Fri night I found she did have them, Sat discovered the other 3 had them and yesterday decided I had them too.  So it looks like we are in for a rigid spell of treatment.  I talked to Helen Monson last night on the phone.  She is in the hospital with her 8th baby, & she said she has been treating her 7 for them for the last month.  I remember having them when I was a child, but I thought adults were immune from them.  I’m glad spring is coming so we can get some sunshine and fresh air.  We all need it.

You asked about our heat.  We have a gas floor furnace.  It seems quite adequate yet I think the attic needs some insulation.  Well, I should write several cards yet tonight so will close.  May the Lord bless you.

Lovingly, Laura

The children started school today and Betty goes from 12:30 to 4:30 afternoons Alvin from 9 to 3:15

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