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Trading kids etc

                                                                       April 8, 1960

Dear Mother,

            Your letter came today & I’ve had a struggle deciding whether to read the speaches first or write to you. Ever since we returned it has been a constant whirl.  We left Tabiona about 10:15 A.M. & was home by 8:15 P.M.  It takes 10 hours from there.  We had a lovely trip, and all enjoyed it.  Joey had a good time with Harold & Willy, and has been doing fine here with us.  Yesterday he & Willy played outside all day, & came in about 5:30 & Joe started crying.  Louis came & said, “Joe is crying, I think you had better go talk to him, I think he is homesick.”  I went & washed him up for dinner, and talked to him then Louis noticed he had wet his pants, & I knew that was why he was crying so he was over it in a hurry when we changed his clothes.  He eats good & sleeps good.

            The night Helen & Mont were here he had a rough time going to sleep.  I think it was at least 9:30, but every other night he is asleep within 5 min.  He is looking forward to his plane ride.

            When we got home Tues. night Alvin had been in Sat. & left a note saying Mr. Thompson had died.  I went down to see Mrs Thompson Wed. morning.  I was there 3 weeks ago when they took him to the hosp.  And they thought he had pnumonia.  He got steadily worse till he died.  They treated him for arthritis because his hands & feet started going numb.  But he didn’t respond.  He was 80, and after he died they performed an autopsy & found an incurable cancer on his lower spine.  She was thankful he didn’t linger for 6 months.  She lives at -
            Mrs. B. S. Thompson
            1323 West Virginia.
You might send her a card.  She is selling the house, and going to move into an apartment her son owns.  She is going to collect the rent for her rent.  She doesn’t drive, but there she will be close to a bus stop & a shopping center.

            Betty got a scholarship to B.Y.U. the other day, but it is just for $100.00 and if she maintains a B average she can have $100, the 2nd semester.

            I had a letter from Pearl.  I’ll have to send her a little dress.  She says all is going well.

            Lily Cawoods daughter is getting married tomorrow, and I’ve been trying to help her.  We made 3 little hats for the bridesmaids yesterday & she wants Betty & I to take care of the gifts.
            Helen Monson called this morning, they were in S.L. for conference, and she said she saw Betty Jane & Louis on TV Monday morning.  We were all sitting in the balcony .

            She also told me that Dr Jackson’s wife was in a mental institution.  She spent money until he even lost his office.  I feel I should go & talk to him and tell him to seek his Father in Heaven for help.  I don’t know yet, but I feel I should.

            Harold has been working overtime every night this week to make up for the time he lost in S.L.  He has been pretty tired.

            Jennette & Burnell want Louis to spend the summer in Tabiona and he is very anxious to go. He even said he didn’t want to go to scout camp if he could go to Tabiona.  I must run.



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