Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two letters. One to Jane Davidson from Laura and the other to Laura and Harold from Hannah Jane Carlson

642 Cedar St.
April 12, 1942

Dear Mother,

            We just came from church, and it is late, but I thought I’d write a note before going to bed.  The weather has been so cool & grand the last few days I wish you could enjoy it too.  But I hope by now you are having Spring.

            I’m glad you are not sending the rubber sheet.  I didn’t know I left it, but I haven’t needed it, and I can get another.

            Yesterday Harold finally got paid, so we’ll send the money order in the morning.  I’ve just been thinking about sending the elephant & ball.  There will be the refrigerator trays to pack & you might just as well pack those toys with the frig.  It would save you a little postage.

            A woman was saying at church tonight that she was going to Salt Lake next month for 10 days, and I may be able to have her take your suitcase with her.  I haven’t asked her yet, and they will be going by auto & may not have room but again it won’t hurt to ask.

            It was Reeds day off, and we gave Alvin a real boys haircut.  He looks a hundred percent better.  The back of his neck right up into his hair was covered with pimples.  I thought it might be ants biting him, but it was only in the one place so I came to the conclusion it was heat rash and his hair cut will help that.

            I have been feeling perfectly grand.  That dry rash that was on my face has cleared up completely.  My skin looks better than it has for years.  I guess it is because I drink so much water.  I’m always thirsty, and the water doesn’t quench our thirst.

            It is late so I’ll stop now.  I hope you are well and happy.  Somehow we don’t seem so far away from you, because we know you are thinking of us.

             May God bless you and keep you well and happy.
                                    Your loving children
                                    Laura, Harold & Alvin
Pearls Money Order
$5.00 for STAR
$15.00 for shipping fridge.

770 Springview Drive
Salt Lake City Utah                                                                              April 12, 1942

Dear Children:

            We have just got home from Charleston and as I am not sleepy but plenty tired, I will start a letter to you.  Dad has gone to bed.  He says he is sure glad the birthdays are over so he can cut down on his eats.  One would think he was compeled to eat lots just because it was put before him, well, you know Dad.  The folks say he looks so much better just in these last two weeks and I know he acts much better but he still has those pains around his heart and I really think it is because he is not careful enough how he eats.

            I feel sure he is going to feel much better this summer.

            I am sorry to hear about Brother Clinger probably having to leave.  This darn war business is sure terrible.  I hope the others can remain for I can amagine how nice it is to be able to talk and visit with people from home.  Especially those you know so well and are such splendid fellows.

            Well, our Relief Society dinner is over and was a real success.  I think there was about fifty five there.  I think we expected about seventy five there but maby it’s good they all didn’t come or we wouldn’t have had enough food for them.  I think Sister Olham was very well pleased.  Sister Rose put on a real good program besides.

            Mrs. Hatch, the Principals wife is taking Harolds place at school and the Skaggs have bought your home.  I think I will walk down some day and see how the house has been fixed.  The Ward is having neighborhood parties the latter part of the month and we have been given little sacks the shape of a pea pod to take a little change in to help with the pea crop.

            The kids are all fine.  We don’t hear any more about Gord and Ruby moving.  I guess they think its not so bad over there after all.  I am afraid they may have to before long if we decide to go over there. 

            Genevieve and Harley are still looking for another place but they too find that rent is out of sight.  I heard Mrs Van Dam say that the girls at the arms plant are having to pay $40.00 for just a room, no board.

            Your mother should know about that.  Lyliath [Lillieth] Van Dam got her final devorce degree from her husband a week or so ago and married a soldier the next day, not a local one either.  Her mother feels bad.

            Well, I can think of no more to tell you this time so will close for this time.

            Love and kisses to you all

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