Monday, April 7, 2014

shortages and tick shots

U.S. Veterans Adm.
April 7, 1946

Dear Mother,

Today is General Conference and I can’t even get it on the radio.  We can get the National B. Co. at Billings, Mont. And the Mutual here at Sheridan, and that is all.  In the evening we can get more.  It has been over 2 weeks since I’ve written, and I fully intended to.  Two weeks ago this morning we had quite a scare.  I had Alvin & Betty in the tub, when the hot water tap under the sink in the bathroom sprung a leak.  All I could do was get the children out, and close the door.  The hot water is really boiling hot.  One afternoon when the gas was shut off I boiled an egg in the hot water for Jane.  I called the station plumber, but it was over an hour before he came.  It took Harold about 15 mins. To find out how to turn off the water in the basement.  The hot water streamed on thru the pantry & down to the basement.  It was something that no one was hurt or nothing badly damaged.

Robert Carlson & his wife stopped here Friday afternoon, and spent the night with us on their way to Oakland.  They left here Sat. morning intending to drive to Salt Lake Sat. night.  It is a long drive for one day.  We hope they made it ok.  It was good to see them, and nice that we had a place for them to stay.  I doubt if they have time to visit you, because they will just have Sunday home, & will leave Monday morning for the coast.  He has to report at the Naval hosp. In Oakland Wednesday.

We are all well, and enjoying the lovely spring weather.  Harold went fishing yesterday afternoon, and caught one about 12 inches long.  I hope he can get in some good fishing.  He hasn’t done much since we left S.L. and this seems to be a good country for it.

It would surely be good to have you come up this summer, but only if I can get someone to do the house work, so we can really enjoy having you here.  Mrs. Raish has a daughter that I’ve had tend the children, and she is very good, altho she wants to work on a Dude Ranch this summer.  It seems that everyone else likes to too, & as yet she hasn’t found a place.  Her mother would rather that she found work here, so I’m hoping.  It is difficult to get anyone from Sheridan because there is no bus service.  Jane is on my lap doing her best to upset me.  Harold & Alvin & Betty are in Sunday School.

The material Helen sent came yesterday. Thanks a million Helen.  I’ll try to get a dress made for each of the girls for Easter with it.  Thanks too for the lesson book.  I hope you got the butter ok, & that it wasn’t melted.  I thot at the time the weather was cool enough to send it.  There was a shortage here for about 6 weeks, but we still got all we needed.  The shortage here is soap, shortening & toilet tissue.  I finally got about 6 lbs. of shortening but soap is getting to be more scarce.  I guess I’ll just have to go to town every morning in hopes of getting it when it is in.  It is as hard to get as nylons.

I must have spring fever today.  I don’t want to do anything.  We all had tick shots a week ago, even Jane.  This is a sheep country & ticks are bad.  Here at the fort there is more danger from them than in town.  The rabbits bring them in from the fields.  We have wild rabbits around the house all the time.  I believe they must make their homes under the porches.  People just don’t think of killing them for meat because of tick fever.  Harold says that is what is wrong with Bro. Wilkins.  It seems the fever recures every year, so they don’t take any chances with it.  Here at the Ft. they innoculated everyone.

It is good to know Matt Reese is home.  I must get Harold to write to him.  I believe he talked more freely with Harold than with anyone else.  Yes, I hear from Winnie quite regular.  Her family has been sick with flu & colds a couple of times this winter besides having measles.  I never hear from Lillieth.  In fact I don’t even remember her married name.
I had to stop writing this morning & we want to mail it this afternoon so I’ll close.

With Love, Laura

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