Sunday, April 6, 2014

67 years ago in Estes Park, Colorado

From:  Box 1041, Estes Park, Colo.
To: Mrs. Jane S. Davidson, c/o Lamont F. Toronto, 870 Wilshire Pl, Salt Lake City, Utah
                                                                                April 6, 1947
Dear Mother,

            We’ve just tucked the children in bed after a busy Easter Day.  We left this morning at 8 A.M. and went to Fort Collins for Sunday School.  It was warm in the valley, and a beautiful day.  Mother C. and Alvin went with Youngs in their car, and we had a very nice trip.  None of the children were car sick.  Louis slept all the way down, and part of the way back.  We had the buggy & put him to sleep while we were there.  They had fast meeting first, & Mrs. Young asked Harold to bless the baby.  Then they had an Easter Program which was rather long and drawn out.  We enjoyed it tho, and the children were very good.  There were 3 former Granitians [high school alumnus] there that we knew and it was good to see them again, Bob Kunkel & his wife Norma Mackay, and Afton Gold from down on 7th East.  She is married & her husband [is] going to school here.  Bob teaches at the college.  After S.S. we went back to Loveland & ate our sandwiches in the park, and then on home by 2 P.M.  We all went to bed & slept till 4:30.  Mother C. seems to feel fine.  I believe the Dr. has just scared her and she is afraid to move.  She enjoyed herself today.

            Louis has had another flare-up with his penis, and yet I’m as careful with it as I can be.

            Wed. Harold is going to Denver, & we are all going except Alvin.  The girls should have their throats examined and I’ll ask the Dr. about Louis.  Then we are going to spend the afternoon with Mrs. Niemeyer.

            Tell Mont the table held up for 3 days, then flopped.  I wrote to them, & hope we can get satisfaction.

            Mother C. has told Harold he has to buy a vacuum cleaner.  She won’t even try to sweep the rug, so Harold has been doing it.  I manage very well with the washing 3 times a week, & Mother C. keeps dishes done up.

            Today is Conference, and I hope you have had good weather.  I’ll bet you have been in a turmoil with all of them home.  Don’t work too hard.  The children surely enjoyed the Easter things you got in Denver.  Jane helped us dye eggs, & she did a good job, & was as happy as a lark.  I went to Loveland shopping with Youngs yesterday & bought Alvin some shoes.  He has grown out of the others.  Thurs afternoon I went to Mothers Club but came home with a headache, so have decided to wear my glasses.  Harold took me to a show last night & I didn't get a headache.

            Mother C. said she must have left her slippers home, so she’ll write for them.  Take care of yourself, and May the Lord bless you, 

Lovingly, Laura

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