Sunday, March 30, 2014

12 years later, Denver again and it's Conference time

March 30, 1954

Dear Mother,

            We were so glad to hear from you, but I have been up to my neck in sewing for Easter, and then some.  I’ll tell you all about it this coming week.  Yes, we are coming for conference.  We are leaving here Sat. morning around 5, and will arrive we hope before 6 P.M.  Harold wants to make the Priesthood meeting at 7 and we have a Swedish reunion at 9:30.  We are bringing the baby

and Alice, and Jane to help take care of them.  Jimmy Bohn is also coming he has relatives to stay with.  George Phillips too has sleeping arrangements, and Mary Norris is coming, but she has no place to stay, and no money.  Harold and I are insisting that she come so she can get away from those kids of hers for a short time.  We know your house is usually full, but if Mother Carlson’s apartment is empty, that is if Sister Christenson isn’t there she could stay there.  Or perhaps Ruth Owen has a room she could have.  Will you have Mary call them.  I am also writing Ruth and Mother Carlson, and also Bishop Edwards.  Perhaps he has room, and I’m sure he would love to have her.

            I’ll stop for now.  Barbara Green just called and asked me to be Special Interest leader in the Stake.  Maybe I ought to try it.  It will require 4 nights a month.  May God bless you Mother, and we will see you soon.



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