Sunday, March 23, 2014

When letters responded to letters

                                        3112 So 7th East Salt Lake City, Utah  March 23rd 42
My Dear Laura,

            I got your letter this morning glad that you got to your destination safely, and that Harold was meeting you. Sorry you were so late.  You didn't say if you had any trouble with Alvin about the toilet, or if you got a sleeper the second nite.  We have had two nice clear cold days, wonder if it will snow tomorrow.  Mary’s Grandfather died and she came for the funeral and went right back Sunday morning.  She didn't take the baby this time.  She left her with Sister West, ;and Daniel was to take care of her at nights as he was going to stay at West’s. She would just have been gone 3 nights.  Her Grandfather was only sick a few days.  Maybe Harold knows him, his name was Oleikan.  He was 68 Years old. This letter from Roland was type written on a letter to Jennette, yours on one side of the sheet, and hers on the other. Yours was the shortest so I copied it, sorry I don’t have ink, but I wanted to get this letter off today, as I know you are looking for a letter. Roland and his family are all well but tired of the long cold winter.  He says that Lois is fine.  I will have to write to Jennette today.  They got home o.k. no snow up  there yet.  The rest of us are all well, trying to adjust ourselves to the quiet. Mugs [our dog] felt it as much as we did.  He wouldn't keep still for several days.  He wouldn't stay in or out. 

            Helen & Mont came down yesterday.  I haven’t heard from Jesse yet.  He sent some Liahona’s.  I guess I will get a letter soon.  Pearl is working 8 to 5 this week.  She had yesterday off.  Mrs. Webber is home.  Margaret is o.k. but didn't come.  She wants to stay where she is.  Now my dear keep up your courage, do the best that you can, have the landlord paint the kitchen some other color.  Ask him anyhow.  You won’t  get anything unless you ask.  Make your home look nice.  Tell Harold thanks for his nice letter.  I will write to him when I get Ink. 3 kisses for Alvin.  

Lovingly, Mother  Write soon.

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