Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A mother tribute from a son-in-law

Air Mail To: Mrs. Jane Davidson
3112 So. 7th East.
Salt Lake City, Utah

From H.E.C. Box 2395
San Antonio, Texas
                                                                        San Antonio, Texas
                                                                        Mar. 18, 1942
Dearest Mother;

            Here I've been gone almost three weeks and never written once to you personally.  I really feel ashamed.  It isn't that I've neglected you in my thoughts.  I think of you always and my thoughts are of gratitude for your kindness, love and help.

            Mother, I thank you most of all for your daughter.  I love Laura with all my heart and I think that the things I love in her most are the things her mother has taught her.

            I have missed her so much it will be like heaven to have her here with my by Friday.  She and the darling little son she bore me are two of the happiest possessions I have in the world.  I promise to protect them with all my love and life.  I’ll bring them back to you soon for I’m sure Zion has too great a hold on us to let us stay away very long.  My job will very probably end with the war which won’t last long.

            Thanks darling mother for being so kind as to keep my loved ones while I found a home for them here with me.  Someday (from now on I hope) will try our hardest to repay you for this as well as all the other kind gestures you have made toward us.

            We have a fine branch of the church here.  The people are of the top rank in both your and my ways of thinking.  I’m sure Laura will enjoy it.  We’ll write and tell you all about it after Laura gets here.  God bless and keep you. 
                                                                      Your loving son, Harold

P.S. Tell Wid & Edna and family - Helen and Mont Jennette & Burnell and family and Pearl I’ll (will) write soon and in the mean time - all my love and thanks for the help you all so generously gave H.E.C.

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