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Fast forward seven years - I think I need to use the scanner

[Letter postmarked from Estes Park Mar. 21, 1949, return address says Box 1041 crossed out and changed to 1323 West Virginia, Denver, Colorado.  Addressed to Mrs. Jane S. Davidson, c/o
Daniel H. Davidson, 2939 Sepulveda, San Bernardino, Calif.]

                                                                                                      March 20, 1949
 Dear Mother,

Another week gone by and no word of Mary and her baby.  We do hope nothing is wrong, and that you have all been too busy to write since it was born, because surely it has been born by now.
Today, the first day of spring is a cloudy mirky day.  Yet we have had some nice days in spite of the wind.  It will be good to live in the valley again & see the trees & flowers bud, and watch the grass turn green.  The place we are buying has a lot of tulips.  They were up about an inch a week ago.
Well last Thursday we went to Denver and made the final arrangements for buying the house.  After this coming Friday our address will be
1323 West Virginia
Denver, Colorado
We found out something else that made us very happy.  The new Barnum ward is under construction just 6 blocks or less from our house.  The children will be able to walk to Primary etc.

Our house          Virginia                                                                    Church
o                                                                                                  o
The stake storehouse was completed last June, and Barnum ward
is meeting there until the church is completed, which should be this       stake
summer.                                                                                             storehouse
School             o Alameda Ave.                   o        

Alameda is the highway & they don’t have to go near it. 
Harold has spent most of this time in Denver lately.  Yesterday he had to go down to arrange for an electric line for the range, but he will come home Wed. about noon, and be here until we move.  The Jacksons were up from Longmont yesterday, and they are still looking for a place in Denver.  They like ...............................the drive back and forth [half sheet missing]
to spell it for her, & I don’t know what I’m spelling.  She has had a bad throat, and has been coughing for a week.  It is too bad we have to change schools so near the end of the year.
Tell Daniel to drop us a line & tell us how Mary is we are waiting to hear.

Dear grandmother I want to
Tell you what I am doing
in school I am learning
How to read and write

and sPell. I can read dook
That we have it home
I just wanTed To Tell
you This

are you feeling good

Betty Carlson

 [written in cursive]
Dear grandmother,
I want to tell you some
of the things I learned.
I have learned lots of
new games One is
Red Rover.
I have learned
many new words in
our books.  We are just about through
with our Helth
Are you feeling
Alvin Carlson

Mar 20th 49
Dear Laura
I was so glad to get your letter and hope you are feeling better and that the house that you got will be satisfactory to you all  I am writing this in a hurry as I am going to bed.  The baby boy was born Mar 14th  They are going to name him Daniel Jansen.  Mary came home from the hospital Friday.  She is feeling fine, has a touch of rheumatism in her legs but not bad.  I had a touch of it also  I guess we were on the go too much.  The children are all well, the baby is a nice big boy.  He weighed 8 lbs 4 ½ ozs.
I had a letter from Helen, they are having a time of it.  Mont was sick with flue, and David had his tonsils taken out, as his ears started running again, and the baby is still colicky  The weather here has been fine.  I will have to write to Pearl also  I thought Mary or Daniel would write but they didn’t.  Mary didn’t feel like it in the hospital she wrote to several, Helen & her Mother and a few others. Thanks for sending your Aunt Jessie McPherson’s letter to me. I will save it for you.  You better answer her letter.  Give my love to the children & Harold and lots of love to your own dear self

Lovingly,  Mother. 
and do write soon.

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