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Back to 1942 in San Antonio - Getting adjusted

                                                                                                                                                                   March 29. 1942
Dear Mother,

            It was so good to hear from you.  We haven’t heard from anyone else as yet, but the mail takes so long it seems.  I believe it takes longer now than it used to.  I can’t remember now what I did tell you in the letters I’ve written, but on the train the second night we couldn’t get a sleeper, but the train was grand.  We each had a seat to ourselves, and I made a nice bed for Alvin.  He slept well the last day on the train too.  Alan Lundgren was such a big help with him, I don’t know what I’d have done without him.  The toilet seat & pot were too cumbersome to even use on the train, and the trains were so jerky he wouldn't use the toilet even to wet. However the trains were so hot he sweat most of his water I guess, & then when we made a stop I would take him.  We managed much better than I thought we would, only next time I travel I’m going to take just as little in my hands as possible.

            I was sorry to hear about Mary’s Grandfather.  I met him the day Mary left for California.  I don’t believe Harold has met him.  It surely seems that one must prepare themselves for emergencies of all kinds.

            By now I guess you are getting used to the quiet.  Alvin surely misses Muggs.  I guess that is one reason he wants to go outside all the time, and he chases every dog he sees.  I’m afraid I’ll have to get a harness for him when we go for a walk, because he can go faster than I can some times.  We are still thankful to have his heavy coat & hat, because the wind gets cold about 4:30 or 5: in the evenings.  It is Sunday morning, and he is sleeping.  Harold and Reed both have to work today.  It is Harold’s first Sunday to work and it doesn’t seem like Sun.  I didn’t go to Sun. School because I don’t know the way there alone yet.  We went last Sun, and it takes 45 minutes to get there.  We have to go into town then transfer to the west a couple of miles.  Sun. School is from 10:00 to 11:30, & priesthood meeting until 12:00 so it is 1:00 before we get home.  We are all going to church tonight tho.  The boys will get home at 6:00 & meeting starts at 7:30.  They’ll just have time to eat & run.

            I’m really enjoying our new home Mom.  It is easy to keep clean, because there doesn’t seem to be the dirt here that there is home.  Alvin stays so clean its wonderful.  The gas range is so convenient and hot water all the time.  The water is quite soft too.  I don’t use half the soap in my wash as I did, and I haven’t had to use lotion on my face since I came, altho I do use it on my hands about once a day.  At that rate this I have will last a long time.

            I enjoy cooking for Harold & Reed too. Perhaps because I have a little more to cook with, yet I still have to use all the food saving methods you taught us.  Our fruit came day before yesterday, and we have to keep it in the garage, but it is nice & clean there, and close to the back door.

            I have felt very good since we got here with the exception of being so drowzy all the time, but I hope I’m pretty well over that by now.  The weather is so changeable tho that I have to watch Alvin closely.  For 2 days & a night it was so hot we could hardly stand it, & Alvin’s head was constantly wet from sweating, then the next night the wind started to blow, & by morning we had to turn on the gas heaters & wear sweaters.  It can change from hot to cold within an hour it seems.

            I was glad to hear from Roland, and I’ll try to write to him today.  If I could spend each morning while Alvin is asleep writing letters I think I could keep up with everyone.

            Harold & Reed have spent the week looking for refrigerators or ice boxes, and they are not to be had in this town.  One like ours can’t be had for less than $100.00 & one smaller than Helen’s for $60.00, and that is second hand.  We could get an ice box like yours second hand for $30.00 but ice would come to $6.00 or $7.00 per month, whereas if we had an electric one it wouldn’t cost us anything to operate.  We have been watching the want ads too, but as yet nothing has come up.  Harold called the freight ofc. & asked how much it would cost to ship ours here, & they said about $12.00 although it would have to be boxed.  The freight ofc. Also said that most people just go to a refrigerator co. & usually can get a box to fit.  I don’t like to take the refrigerator away from you, but I don’t hardly know what to do.  If the ants & the heat weren’t so bad we might manage, but I can’t even keep food overnight, and my butter & sugar & everything else have to be kept in air tight cans.  Alvin is awake & I’ll have to give him his dinner.

            Our milk for Sunday & Monday comes Sat. about noon, and it is almost impossible to keep it fresh till Monday morning.  Anyway Mom, that is the refrigerator problem.  If you think you could manage without it, it seems much better for us all the way around to send for it.  At any rate we wont be able to send any money for it until after April 12th.  I thought I’d write to Wid today & see if he couldn’t take care of it for us.  He would have to have the R.R. freight come after it tho even if it cost a little more.  They have delivered all my things here right to the door.

            Alvin is wanting to go outside again.  He is just after me all day long to take him out.  It is cooler today, & we haven’t been out at all yet.

            Did Bro. Clayson finally come for those Sunday School reports?  I called him again the day I left, & he had forgotten about them.

            I suppose you have found a lot of things I left, but I haven’t missed anything as yet that I need.

            I’ll bet it was good to have Pearl working 8 to 5 for a week anyway, and perhaps now you can adjust yourselves to living peacefully again.  I’m only sorry that I left things in such an awful mess for you.

            I’ll close for now Mama and tell the others to write to us occasionally.

            God bless you Mother.  I believe Harold loves you nearly as much as I do, altho I don’t think he could as much.  He wants so much to be able to send for you this summer, We’ve been counting on it so.  But only time will tell.  We pray for you always,

                                     Your loving children
                                              Laura Harold & Alvin

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