Friday, March 28, 2014


 [on tan stationery with a red drawing of “Pacifica”]

                                                              Mar 28th 52
My Dear Laura,

How are you I received a letter one from Jane and one from Betty.  Betty said she had the measles I hope they don’t all get it.  Are you coming for Conference.  Jane said you had some Hand Lotion you were going to bring to me;.  I would like some if you have any to spare.

I hope you are well.  We will be expecting Harold anyway.  I haven’t seen Mother Carlson for some time I think she has been busy over at Gordon’s, as Ruby is still in bed, and Mother Carlson hasn’t been feeling up to Par herself.  It might have been the bad weather that we were having for so long.  There was a lot of sickness around.  The sun has been shining the last two days so it makes us all feel better. People will be thinking of Gardening and House cleaning now.  We are all pretty well here.  The last snow is nearly all gone.  There is still some on the north side of the house but the roads are all drying up.  

Conference is only one week away.  We have fast Sunday on the 30th Mar.  That is Roland’s birthday and I have not written to Him.  I had a letter from Kathryn but she didn't have much news of the family.  They have had bad weather up there too.  They are all well she said.  I guess Roland is busy with church work and insurance and Red Cross, so it keeps him busy.  I haven’t heard from Lois for a long time.  She usually gives me all the news.  Kathryn didn't say if any one from up there was coming for Conference.  

I hope all your neighbors and friends are well.  Remember me to all of the Relief Society Ladies.  Tell Sister Rumsey and Richardson that I appreciate their letters and will write to them some time.  I think of them all often and Pray for them.  How is Opal and family.  Don’t forget my Pills I had to get new glasses and they cost me a lot and I have to wear them all the time.  I took money out of the bank to pay for them, and paid $17. for a coat for Spring. It isn’t very good but it will do, it is a nice gray color. I am hurrying this for the mail man.  Take care of yourself and hug all the children for me.  Hope Alice doesn’t get the measles.  

Bye Bye May the Lord Bless you always.  Lovingly Mother.  

Tell Betty & Jane I will write to them some time.  Love to Harold and will be glad to see him.

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