Friday, March 21, 2014

Back in San Antonio

                                                                                                                                Mar 21, 1942

Dear Mother,

            I don’t seem able to find much paper.  We didn't get here until 10:30 P.M. last night, & we should have been here at 4:30 P.M.  We only had 45 mins to wait in Dallas, but the train we got stopped at every town & city.  Harold was there to meet us when we arrived & we went right home to bed.  The place he has is quite nice.  There are 3 good size rooms, enough for me to keep up, altho the walls in the kitchen and bedroom are painted wood, and the windows all thru are so tall.  The front room is wallpaper & very nice.  There is only 1 closet but it is large.  The kitchen range is excellent.  There are 4 gas plates, an oven, a broiler & a section to hold pans.  The table too is good.  It looks like new, & if it isn't you couldn't prove it to me.  We will keep it, & use ours for a table in the front room.  I don’t know whether our freight has come yet, we’re going to see this afternoon.

            This morn I put Alvin back to sleep at 10:00 & lay down too, & didn't wake until 12:30.  Alvin is still asleep & it is nearly 1:00.  We were both very tired when we got here.  Alan took a hotel last night.  He doesn't know just yet what he will do.

            The wind blows here in Texas.  Last night I thought it would blow the house down.  But it is warm.  Alvin was outside looking at our neighbors chickens this morning.  The sun feels so good.  We have a small back yard, & some lawn in front.  It is like a city front yard in Salt Lake.  The neighbor has sweet peas in bloom, across from my kitchen window.  And in front of our house there is a green hedge, & cut trees (trimmed) of several kinds.  It is going to be very nice here.  I’m going to like it I’m sure.  Harold is off today & tomorrow.  We’re going into town today & get a waste basket or garbage can, & shelf paper & some hooks.  The people who lived here must have pulled out every nail & hook in the place.  The kitchen is green paint all over & I never could go sold green walls, but I’ll brighten it up with my white curtains or something.  The linolium is a very pretty green & tan, & the bedroom linolium is a tan flower.

            The baby was asleep when we arrived, & when he woke up this morning called Daddy.  He seemed a little strange toward Harold for ½ an hr. but after that he knew who his Daddy was alright.  We’ll write often, and want to hear from you often too.  

With love from all of us, and may God bless you.

P.S. Call Carlsons & tell them we’re ok. Laura Harold & Alvin

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