Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jane Davidson was 63 years old at this time, quilting and teaching lessons.

                                    Mar 27th 1942   Monday is Roland’s birthday
Dear Laura,

            I was so glad to get your letter today.  Glad you are getting rested and I do hope that you will keep well and that Alvin will get over his cold.  You have to be careful as you don’t know the climate there, and it is better to be on the safe side and keep him warm.  Does he eat well, and how are you.  Have you plenty food.  How is Harold.  Does he like it there.  Does he like his work.

            I was away quilting today for the Relief Society.  I think the quilt was for Sister Jackstien.  We quilted at Sister Ellers.  Did you know that Sister Oldham boy was married.  I think he got married Monday.  I don’t know who the girl is or anything but will tell you when I know.  I also heard that the Stout boy was married. We are having a party in the Relief Society the 2nd Tuesday in April.

            They have a dance tonight for the two wards for the Budget.  I hope it is a success.  Pearl went.  She has been working 8 to 5 all week.  We are having Stake Conference Sunday, at Hill Crest ward.  I had a letter from Jesse yesterday.  He met some cadets that are Mormons in Sikeston. One boy sent to the Mission headquarter to know where the nearest missionaries were and they sent the letter on to Jesse, and he phoned the barracks and asked for the Lindsey boy and got him.  He is from Ariz and there were 3 others.  Jesse says 3 of them seem to be nice boys and they did not know one another was there until Jesse Phoned.  He will tell you all about it when he writes to you.  I hope you will write to him.  I have not heard from Daniel since Mary went back.  I think Mont went to work yesterday.  Willard & Edna are well, also the children.  The weather is still cold.  I was down to the last piece of coal, so I called Mr. Margetts today to send me some.  I don’t know when it will be paid, but he had it down here within an hour.  The house was cold when I came home from quilting so I ordered it.  The sun was shining but the wind is cold.  Yvonne Caproni is getting married to a Thomas in Holladay.

            Sister Shurtleff is still in California.  I haven’t seen any of Harold’s folks.  I guess they are all well. It is too late or I would call now.  I will call tomorrow.  Willard & Edna & the children are all well.  Helen came down yesterday and we went to see Edna and sister DeYoung.  Sister DeYoung has lumbago and could hardly walk.  She has had it for several days.  Pray for me that I may give my lesson all right next Wed.  Now my Dear ones bye bye and be careful and do the best that you can.  Take care of one another and love & cherish one another and all will be well with you. Love and kisses to you all.  Kiss Alvin for Grandma. I always think of him when I go down to the furnace.  I miss you all.   

                                      Lovingly Mother

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