Thursday, March 13, 2014

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 The story continues.  
                                                                                                    San Antonio
                                                                                                    Fri Mar 13, 1942

Hello Darling:
            How is the dearest girl in the world?  Lonesome I hope.  Sweetheart I've read your letter over a dozen times.  It thrills me every time.  Now they've started coming I look in my P.O. box about every two hours hoping for another.
            I was very happy to hear that Reed got his appointment.  I will try to meet him tomorrow morning.  I’ll make it too if he comes before 8:20 . I take that Civil S. test at 8:30. If not I’ll talk to my landlady and have her let him in my rooms.  My room here is big enough for two and I’m sure the landlady will let us both occupy it.  I've even been thinking there might be a way for us to sleep in our apartment and save us both some money.
            Yes I still think Reed can board with us.  The front room is large enough for a couch as well as an overstuffed set.  I've been thinking that when Reed gets here we might look for a second hand couch similar to the one we had of your mothers.  We could then buy a sheet blanket or two and sleep in the empty house till you came at which time you and I could pick out some furniture.  Don’t worry darling.  I’m sure we’ll make it alright.  I think we [will] be buying our furniture and still be getting off as cheap as we would have renting a furnished place.  And I also think with this scheme Reed will fit in well too - Making it easier for him and us too.  But then too if Reed would rather pay more and have it better somewhere else (which I’m sure he won’t) then that will be OK too.
             Now about money.  You say your getting low too - that just shows you we can’t afford to wait any longer than absolutely necessary.  The longer we wait the more it cost us.  My balance on hand is about $25.  I’ll probably get paid about Tuesday and therefore could probably send you some.  But there will be $27.50 due on the house April 10th.  But maybe I could send $25,  pay that rent and still have over $25 when you come.  Then there is that money in the teachers retirement.  Maybe we had better draw that out.  What we don’t actually need we could put in the bank.  By the way - Have you that blank I will have to fill our and send in to get the money.  Try to find it?  If you can’t you had better call at the Granite Dist. Office for another.  Even if we decide we don’t want to draw it out.  If on the other hand you think we better get it now, send it to me as soon as possible by Air Mail as it takes four to six weeks to go through.  What ever you decide darling will be OK by me.  If you want the money.  I’m sure we can build up a bank balance so that if and when I return to teaching I can put it back and go on from where I left off.
            Another thing.  Where is that roll of film.  I thought you would send it with me, but I can’t find it anyplace.  Well bring it and we’ll take the pictures together that would be better anyway darling.  Well so long for this time Sweetheart and if I don’t get a letter tomorrow I bite off your ear.  Kiss my little boy for me sweetheart and don’t you dare let him forget his Daddy.
                                                                                                              Love, Harold

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