Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A letter from Aunt Maggie

27 Cooper Street
March 25, 1946
My dear Laura,

Just a few lines to let you know I received your very kind & welcome letter. It was real nice of you to write me. It’s a long time since I had any word from your Mother.  I expect she has plenty of writing to do with the family all scattered. I hope she is well & always on the go.  You know Jeannie was the youngest, and I am oldest.  I often wish she was nearer, but a letter is always welcome.  I had a nice letter from Roland, and a photo from him & Lois & the family. They really are a very nice bunch.  I often wondered how many grandchildren your Mother had till you told me quite a good collection I am sure.

Well we just have Gladys.  She is a very nice girl & is 19 years during the last of the war years she was down in Fraserburg in a bank but now she is home with us again working as a typist in Elgin. Goes in the 9 bus in the morning & home about 6.  Lizzie gave up the Post Office work when her husband came home from Italy last August, then she went & helped them out at the Christmas rush.  She is always busy cleaning & she does a whole lot of knitting.  Her husband is in a war department job down at Leith & sometimes Isle of Man.  You will see it on the map

We have had a wonderful winter & now the nice spring days are coming.  The garden will be next. 

I had a parcel from Thelma Main from San Francisco.  You know Auntie Jesse’ grandchild.  I doubt you have no chance of seeing her.  I must write her some of these days but it’s a job for me to get started. 

We had 2 of the Vancouver boys seeing us when they were over at the war. 2 of them were in the Air Force & Auntie Jessie’s Jim was in the Navy.  They were very pleased to get here & I am very glad they were all spared to get home safe and well.

Mary Anns 2 boys were here.  Your Mother will know who I mean.  Now dear Laura, I think this is all my news at present;.  Give our very best wishes to your husband & family.  Hope you are all very well & remember us to all the rest of the family when you write them & tell your Mother I am longing for word from her.  Your Grandma Davidson is away at Pitlochry staying with her daughter. Always on the go tho she must be near the 100.  Cheerio dear & mind I shall always be pleased to hear from you ever

Your loving Auntie Maggie.

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  1. I absolutely love the last line of this letter! Cute