Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Letter from Harold's mother, Hannah Jane Carlson with a P.S. from his father, Alvin Emanuel Carlson

770 Springview Drive
Salt Lake City Utah
                                                                                                    March 26, 1942
Dear Harold and Laura,

            Well I guess you are pretty well settled by now I hope that Laura is rested up after her long trip I was so sorry to hear of that long wait at the depot in Denver, it was a shame you didn't phone before you left Aunt Nell’s you might as well have spent a couple more hours there.  I received a letter from Nell, she sure enjoyed your short stay.

            As time goes on we miss you more and more but always try and think of it as being a grand adventure for you.  I hope little Alvin is enjoying the nice sun shine.  We are having our occasional spring days but it is still freezing at nights.  We will sure be glad when the weather is settled.  Uncle Hy, Aunt Mae and Effe, Dad and I are going up to Idaho Saturday morning and stay untill Monday.  Uncle Hy is doing the driving but we have to take our car.  I think Dad is feeling better than when Laura left.  I feel quite sure he will be much better when summer comes.  Neffs, across the way have sold out and moved away.  I heard he has work in Colorado Spring, he left about the same time as you and she has just left.  She was left to do as Laura had to.  I don’t know wheather his work is for the goverment or not.  Yes, the time is rolling on pretty fast and it wont be long before June is here.  I can hardly bare to think of Jean getting married the closer the time draws near the more I hate it but we will have to have faith in this matter to and pray that things will turn out for the best.  We heard today that Dewane Oldham got married.  He married a girl from Oregon.  She met her at Mutual last night, I wonder how Oldhams feels about that. [Mother]

            [hand writing change]
P.S. Dear Harold Laura and Alvin.  I just have to drop you all a line or two on this paper before Mother mails it.  I do hope you all well and happy because that is what it takes to make it.  I bet Laura was all in when she got there and I bet she has had all the train ride she wants for the rest of her life.
            I know I would if it were me.  I rode 800 miles once and I thought we would never get there.  I never was much of a writer myself, but I pray our Heavenly Father to bless you all and keep you all well and happy which I know he will. Keep on smiling and God bless you

                                                        Your old Dad and Loving Mother. [Dad Carlson]

(Give little Alvin a big kiss from his Grandpa)
Kiss Little Alvin a dozen times for Grandma and Grandpa

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