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A year letter - A Letter from Harold's mother, Hannah Jane Carlson to Harold and Laura

From 795 Jeppson Ave
Salt Lake City, Utah
                                                      Mar 23, 1943

Dearest Harold and Laura,
            Your welcome letter came this morning.  Your other letter hasn't been answered yet so I was really ashamed.
            I knew it was a year about now since Laura and Alvin left but wasn't sure of the date.  It will aways be a day to be remembered not only your going away but the way Dad felt was heart rendering.  It was the most pitiful thing I ever seen.  The way he hung on to Alvin and the look on his face.  It’s to terrible to think about.
            I don’t blame Laura for wanting to come home on a visit.  A year away from home is a long time.  And Life is to short to make to many sacrifices.  I am so glad she phoned her mother.  I know only a few sobs in one another’s ear would be very comforting to both of them.
            I was talking to the Insurance man today about the time your letter came. He was on the outside and didn't come in for it isn't his time to call untill the 13th.  You know I carry a .05 policy on you, Genevieve and Gordon and a .10 one on Jean and as I need a spring coat badly I was thinking a cashing them in, besides 2.00 to 2.50 per month is to much insurance for me to put out.  Of course I carry a .05 one and a .20 one for myself.  The Insurance man suggests that you children pay me the cash value or part of it and keep up the premiums yourself for it’s a very cheap policy.  Its about $150 in case of natural death but carries double indemnity and liabilities.  I was thinking maby you could carry that easier than pay back you[r] loan Of course I don’t know how much you borrowed, and I don’t know how much I could get out of your policies till he comes again.
            What do you think about it as far as you know?  I will tell you more about it after he comes again.  He also suggests that I pay that .30 on another policy for myself as the two I have would amount to less than 300 which is far to little to lay any one away, the extra.30 on me would bring it up to between 4 and 5 hundred which is not any to much .
            Funny talk, but facts, just the same.
            I sure wish you were here to advice me once in a while.
            Uncle Vance was in tonight.
            Lois is married again but it looks like she has wished her two kids on to her parents.
            I do hope that when Genevieve gets married it will be to some one who can provide a home for her and her children.
            In the morning is the time that I expected to be on my way to Idaho to celebrate Uncle Ray’s birthday but I got sadly disappointed for Uncle Hy phoned me today from up town and gave a half a dozen excuses why he couldn't go but they all sounded pretty flimpsy to me.  It was always Dad that would see to it that we went.
            I guess you have already heard about the new Bishoprick in Wandemere.  Bro Marsh, Bro Jackman, Bro Fiamore. Mae Fiamore, Ruth’s friends brother, I amagine they will be very good.
            Jean is feeling pretty well just now but for her teeth, they are giving her considerable trouble.  The doctor said her heart and kidneys were much better.  She still heaves a lot.  She expects the latter part of July.
            I am enclosing the Title to the Plymouth, will you please sign it and return it as I want to get the Title changed in my name.
            Uncle Sant was here on a visit week before last.  They are sure anxious for me to come to Denver on a visit this summer and I sure hope I am able to go.
            How is the butter rationing etc. hitting you.
            I have only used 24 pts as yet in my no J  book and I haven’t felt things very bad yet, but I am afraid with my butter and meat rationing we are going to be hit pretty hard.
            Well I guess I better close.  I am sure nervous tonight.  Little Phyliss is crying so hard, she has been very sick again the last few days but has slept most of the time but she must be getting better for she sure is crying tonight.  I hope next time my letter won’t be quite so choppy
                                                Love Mother [Carlson]
            Laura’s last letter came this morning.  I sure feel ashamed to think I am so slow in writing.
            I think I will write at nights when every thing is quiet but when night comes I am so tired I just have to go to bed.
            Hope I do better from now on.
                                                Love Mother [Carlson]

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