Monday, March 17, 2014

72 years ago today there was lots of snow in Salt Lake

                                                                         Mar 17, 1942
 Dear Harold,
            Sorry you sent the money, I guess you didn’t get my letter soon enough telling you I had enough.  I’m just on my way to town now to get it.  I’m in an awful hurry trying to get my things packed.
            Am leaving with Alvin & Alan tomorrow 7:00 P.M.  From D. & R. G.   Will arrive 4:30 Friday.
            Everyone is well, & it is still winter. 15 in. Of snow last Fri & 2 or 3 in last night.
            Will see you soon
P.S.  If you have time & money you might get a few groceries in the house. Shortening. Soap. Cereal. pablum. eggs.  You’ll know better than I what you can get.  Love

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