Thursday, May 22, 2014

gardening and rug making

                                                                                                                                                          May 22, 1945
Dear Mother,
            Jane is such a different baby from Alvin and Betty.  They were both so roly poly, but she is long, and altho she is fat, doesn’t appear to be so.  She still has blue eyes, and every one says she looks like me.  I have never had a baby that has been so hard to feed tho.  She doesn’t like to eat food out of a spoon, but I still persist.  The things Betty liked exceptionally well, she just won’t have.  She is a good baby tho, and much smaller than either of the other two.  It may be that I try to get her to eat too much.  She sits up alone now, and wants to grab everything in sight.
            We were quite surprised to hear of Mrs. Reese, altho had we watched the paper close we would have heard it earlier.  We saw the notice in last Sat. paper.  When I got an attack of appendicitis Sat. Harold was quite worried about me.  But I am ok again now.  Harold has been out planting tomatoes, cabbages, and peppers tonight.  It is wonderful the ground we have for a garden.  Mr. Zelenka has let us plant about half an acre, and we have peas, beans, and beets to can. Cucumbers, corn, squash, and all we can put in.  There is water every other days for 2 days to take care of it so we should have a good garden.  It looks as tho Harold may be able to stay in the city for a while to help take care of it too.
            Do you remember that rug that Mrs. Barnhart was teaching me how to make out of wool pieces in Topaz while you were there last spring?  Well, I’ve been at it again, but I’m running out of material for it.  She said if you use brown, don’t use blues or greys, so I’m trying to take her advice.  I was wondering if you had any old coats in the basement that you could send me.  Either in green, brown, tan, red, orange, or what have you.  If you do find something you can send, don’t attempt to wash it, just send it as is, and I’ll wash it before I use it.  I do need a rug, and it seems the best way to get one while we are so unsettled is to make one.  It doesn’t take long once you sit down to work on it.  But it does use a lot of material.  There is no particular hurry for them.
            I’ve already written to Pearl and Royce, and it is getting late, so I must stop.  Please let us know Mother if you are getting my money.  We will send you some the 15th of each month, and any money that we send to you has been tythed.  We feel that the Lord has blessed us, and we want to help you all we can.  Starting with the middle of this month Harold is getting his raise to 3200 a year.  We want to save all of it we can, but we couldn’t be happy if we knew you weren’t getting enough to get along.  Take care of yourself Mother, and may the Lord bless you.
                                    With Love,


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