Friday, May 23, 2014

54 years ago President Monson was Mission President Monson.

                                                                                                      May 23, 1960

Dear Mother,
            It doesn’t seem possible that 2 weeks has passed since I wrote.  Willy was ill, and we thought it was tonsils.  It was, but along with it, or after 6 days of fever, he broke out with measles.  He is just over them.  Harold D. has had a fever since Friday, & tonight is pretty sick, still no sign of measles, but he should break out tomorrow or Thurs.  Laurie & Alice still to get them.
            I saw Roland & Lois at the R.R. Depot this afternoon for 5 minutes.  They are on there way to Toronto.  I just sent a night letter  over–  to Pres. Monson telling him they will arrive tomorrow night at 10:05 P.M.  I didn’t know whether you knew they had gone.  They got a telegram & the Priesthood brought them money to go.  They said the operation was scheduled for Wed. morning, but that the General Authorities were fasting & praying as also the missionaries & all there.
            Roland F. was very homesick, & has lost a lot of weight.  They felt if his parents were there he would be much better.  We may be in S.L. the 12th of June - Not certain will write later


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