Friday, August 1, 2014

A letter and a post card written August 1st, five years later, when Laurie Carlson Palmer was the baby.

                                                                                                              Aug 1st 49.

Dear Mary & Daniel
How are you all.  I was very glad to get your letter Mary. sorry you are all so tired.  I often wonder why we all have so much to do.  It is the same here.  Never a moment to spare.  Always on the go after the children or something.  Laura and Baby are getting on fine now.  She has put the baby partly on the bottle.  The rest of the children are all well.  Harold is always busy.  We expect Pearl & Royce here Wed or Thursday, and I will go home with them.  They expect to leave here Friday morning so you can write to me at home.  I see by the papers that they have it quite hot in Salt Lake.  I haven’t heard much from any of them since I came here.  Edna sent me a few lines last week.  Melba Rasmussoon has another baby girl.  Also Winnie Rees Erickson.  She didn't have very much news.  Helen and Mont are busy just like you both, and not taking time to relax at all.  The weather here has been pretty nice till a week ago and it has been hot but always cools off before morning.  Pearl & Royce are coming in the hottest weather.  I wont write more now.  May the Lord bless and guide you at all times. Lovingly Mother.
Harold's brother Robert with his wife and baby stayed here last night on their way home to visit from Akron Ohio.  They left early this morning.
Post Card
Inscription on Monument over “Buffalo Bill’s Grave:
 (Noted Scout and Indian Fighter)
Born February 26, Scott County, Iowa
Died January 10, 1917, Denver Colorado
Louisa M. Cody, his wife also buried here.

[Written on place for stamp] Happy Birthday every year of your life
Miss Mary Jane Davidson
2939 Sepulveda
San. Bernardino California

Dear Mary Jane.
I was up at Buffalo Bills grave. Sunday with Uncle Harold and Aunt Laura.  I am sending you this card to wish you a very happy Birthday and hope that each year you will grow up to be a lovely girl.         Grandma Davidson

[Laura's note:  When Mother was in Denver when Laurie was born she said “Do you always have to have a nap every day?”  I went to Oct. Conference with Laurie.  Harold met me at the train on my return, & I can remember Betty’s little scotch plaid coat that I had made for her was inside out.] 

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