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July 1957

                                                                        (write to me soon)  July 16th 57
My Dear Laura & Harold,
                                    Here I am home again safe and pretty well.  I came home yesterday.  Mont met me at the Bus.  Roland & Lois took me as far as Boise.  Roland had some policies to deliver on the way so he just took us along.  I left Boise about 11 P.m. and got home next morning at 8:15 a.m.  Roland & Lois had to go back to Payette after I left some 60 miles.  Janice was with them. I guess she would sleep all the way home.  I just can’t remember whether I wrote to you while I was gone.  I left here on the 27th June for Payette.  Roland met me at the Bus, the next day we left for Woodinville where Lorna Jane lives.  There was Roland, Dorothy, Lois Ann, Jimmy Margaret, Molly and me.  Lois and Janice were already up there.  We went by way of Burns and Pendelton.  Roland had business at Burns.  We stayed near John Day that night in a Cabin, and started out next morning for Payette.  We went through some lovely country and the weather & roads were good.  We stopped for food at places where we could buy milk & cereal, bread & Jam and such.  We took plates & spoons & glasses with us, and ate at the Parks by the way.  The children had a good time, but they got plenty dirty.  They don’t know how to keep clean for traveling.  We got to Lorna Jane’s about 6 p.m. such a lot of us to go in where a new baby just 5 days old and Lorna Jane in bed.  Next day was Sunday and about 6 a.m. young Roland phoned from Seattle that he was there and Roland and Glen & Lois went to get him.  He had a friend with him, a Catholic boy.  We all went to Sunday School about 8 miles away except Lois & Lorna Jane.  I bathed the baby and Lois got dinner.  Roland & Lois left that night for Seattle.  They had to be at the Hotel because early Monday morning They left by boat for Victoria for their convention.  They were there until the 4th July.  Young Roland & friend left for Payette Sunday night also.  I bathed the Baby every day till the 4th and Dan Main came out to Glen’s place to see me.  He had been fishing from Seattle, and gave me directions where to find his mother in Vancouver.  Juanita & husband came about noon on the 4th and took me to Bellingham to see Bro & Sis Boroughs. Juanita’s parents. [Laura’s note:  The Boroughs befriended Mother when she went to Bellingham Washington where Papa died.]  We had lunch with them, and all of us started out for Vancouver.  The Boroughs also.  Sister Boroughs is an invalid  but they lifted her into the car she likes to go. It was a hot drive and hot in Vancouver.  They took me to my sister Lebbie’s and I stayed with her that night.  On the 5th I went to my cousin’s Jessie Rose. She had moved and we had a time finding her place.  I took a cab there.  It cost me $3.15 to get there.  I stayed there till next day. Roland & Lois came to Jessie Rose’s place the night of the 5th and stayed till after eleven p.m. then went to Lebbie’s to sleep.  They came and got me next day and on the way back we saw my sister Jessie.  Poor thing her memory is completely gone.  They asked her if she knew me, and she said Oh Aye, she is my Grandmother.  When they told her I was Jennie she took me in her arms and hugged & kissed me.  My heart was so sad I just sat and held her hand.  I wonder if the Lady there keeps her clean.  We had to wait quite a while before she let us see her, and they live far out in Vancouver.  They had cut her hair, and it was like a brush and gray.  I just couldn’t stay in Van any longer.  If Roland & Lois could stay I might, but they had to be back home as young Roland was leaving and had to be back at his base on the 12th. We got back to Lorna Janes on the night  of the 6th on the 7th the baby was blessed.  We all went to S.S. and fast meeting.  On the 8th we left for home.  We left Dorothy and Jimmy with Lorna Jane.  We got as far as Lewiston Idaho that night and slept at a Hotel there, and was on our way again early next morning.  We visited Grand Coulee Dam and lots of other places and waded in the Salmon river, and always ate by the wayside.  We saw the Payette lakes and got home late on the night of the 9th.  I stayed with them in Payette until Monday and got home yesterday.  I am glad I could go.  It took more money than I thought but Dan Main gave me $20.00.  My heart was full when he gave it to me.  He is Sister Jessie’s son, and Juanita & Beecher were also very kind, and took us all over Seattle. Now my Dears, Be Thankful to the Lord that you were raised Latter Day Saints and try to Do your very Best in raising your children to Love one another, and Love the Lord with all their hearts. May the Lord Bless you all in all your righteous endeavors.  Lovingly Mother.  (over)
What a Blessing it is to be able to say that we know that this Church is the True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I pray that all my children and Grandchildren will gain that Testimony for themselves, and try as best as they can to live its principles.


                                                                                                            July 30, 1957

Dear Mother,

            The days come and go, and there is never a minute to sit down to write a litter.  I don’t believe I have ever seen such a busy summer.  The children have been up to their ears in work, and I have been trying to get the dinning room and living room painted.  It all started when the couch Alvin was sleeping on feel apart, and we called the salvation army to come and get it.  They looked at the couch in the living room and wouldn’t even take it.  They said it was in too bad a shape.  The good will finally took the couch in the living room, but Harold and Alvin had to take the other one to the dump.  No one would even haul it off.  So for my birthday Harold ordered a new sofa, and I couldn’t bring a new sofa in without painting.  Not that it didn’t need it.  Alvin has helped me a good deal with the painting.  He painted the ceilings of both rooms, and we have two coats on the dining room, but still have the trim to do, and one coat on the living room with the trim still to do there too. Yesterday we put up apricots, so didn’t get any painting done, and today everyone is gone.  In fact they have been gone most of the last month.  Betty and Jane took care of the wilson children for 4 days over the 4th of July, then again from the 15th to the 21st.  They earned $70.00 between them.  Then last week they each went to camp for half a week, and on the 22nd Betty started working half a day every day cleaning Johnny Runyan’s new Motels. She will have that till school starts, and will probably get 75¢ a hour there.  This morning Alvin took er to work, and on the way took Jane to Lela Runyan’s to baby sit probably all morning.  Louis has been spending 2 or 3 mornings down at Mr. Taskys cutting lawn and pulling weeds etc.  He pays him anywhere from a dollar to 3 a week.  Alvin has been working 3 evenings and all day Sat., and I am hoping that each of the 4 older ones will have enough to get there clothes and books for school.  Harold hasn’t had much work at Ward’s lately, and he counted on that to pay for the stove and sofa, but I imagine that when the school rush starts he will have work again.  He needs some time off during the summer anyway.
            Since we came back from Salt Lake we have put up about 50 lbs of peas, frozen, and some greens that neighbors have given us.
            Alvin is just now back from taking the girls, and the little ones are all with him.  The dishes aren’t done, and there is washing to be done, and ironing, and the painting, and Swede from down the street just brought a sack of beet greens, that will have to be fixed.  The Stake Mutual had a carnival on July 20, and Harold and I were in charge of the food sales, and that took a good deal of time.
            It seems like when the family is around I just can’t think. Everyone is asking me something all at the same time. I have thought so much of the letter you wrote after you returned home from your trip, but every two words I write some one is asking me a question, and I can’t think what I was going to say.  At any rate I am glad you went, but I imagine you were tired.  Why don’t you plan on spending the winter here with us?  We would love to have you.  We need your calming influence in our home.  Mr. Tasky thinks that by October he wants to come and live with us, and I couldn’t have him unless we had another room and a bath built on.
            I must stop now, and get something done.  Will you call Amanda Willits and tell her I intend to write soon.  Betty came home from camp Sat. night, and was sick Sunday and Monday, sore throat, and ear aches.  Vernon Willits was here for a few minutes Sunday eve. and helped administer to her.  He came over from Salt Lake to get his Father and take him back with him.  His Father has been sick.
            Take care of yourself, and do write soon.


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