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Laura's Personal Journal 1979 June 1 - June 7

During this time Laura was working as head cook at the Washington D.C. temple.

June 1 - Friday
            It is 6:A.M.  I've wrapped a wedding gift for Kevin & Kathy Somers, started typing a letter to Delores Pfannenstiel and I’m on the phone now trying to get my flight changed so I can go thru Denver on my way back.  I’d like to see Delores and I’d love so much to see Alvin & Bev.  But it will be a Thursday afternoon, and Bev will be at the Bookstore, and Alvin will be at work.  Maybe I can call them.
            I’m planning on going to Kevin Somer’s wedding this afternoon in McLean Chapel.  He and Will were such good friends while they were growing up in McLean, and Kevin is moving to Provo.
            I went to work at 8:AM. & home by 2:P.M.  There were 2 letters, or 1 letter & a small pouch.  The letter from my sister Helen Toronto.  She is having quite a time coping with 3 unmarried young men.  Her son Joe, our son Harold, & Greg Brinckley, who worked for us in the cafeteria.  She also gave me some very sad news.  I guess she assumed I already knew, that Merrill Davidson, Willard’s oldest boy has been excommunicated.  I've known for a couple of years, maybe less, that he & Nancy were having difficulties with their marriage.
            The pouch was two small books and a letter from Alvin & Bev.  Bev wrote the letter on Mother’s Day, and was going into the hospital the next day for surgery.  She didn't say what, and I tried to call them, but had no answer.
            She also said that Alvin had been made ward clerk, and she a Sunday School teacher.  No, she is the Sunday School secretary.

June 2,
            We went to work at 8:A.M. and worked thru to 2:30 P.M.  Came home because I was so very tired.  My shoulders ache particularly my left one.  Had a nap for an hour and stayed up till 10:30 pm watching the movie “Spirit of St. Louis.”  Charles Lindberg portrayed by Jimmie Stewart.  10:30 is too late for me to go to bed.

June 3 -
            Up at 7:30 A.M.  Went for my usual mile and a half walk before 9:A.M.  But was very tired before I was thru - my shoulders aching.
            I called Alvin & Bev shortly after 9:A.M. and wakened them.  It was time they were up tho, and they didn't mind.  Bev had her Uterus removed during surgery, and her bladder propped up.  She was greatly surprised that she felt so rugged.  She was released from the hospital on Tues. this week.
            Bea went to Relief Society & Sunday School & I was so tired I went back to bed at 11:A.M. when she left.  I told her I would go to Fast Meeting at 2:30 P.M.  But - I didn't waken until 2:25, and rushed and arrived about 3:P.M. in time to hear the first testimony.  A normal lazy Sunday afternoon.  It has rained hard all day, never letting up.  To bed by 8:P.M.  Shoulders aching again.
June 4 -
            Took Bea to Dr. Fairbanks office in McLean to have her ears irrigated.  She couldn't hear.  We also went to Morts & I bought a pair of shoes for Bill Davidson’s wedding.  Then we went to Montgomery Mall to United Air Lines.  I purchased my ticket to Salt Lake on June 14.
            Home evening in the evening.  Bed by 9:P.M.

June 5, 1979
            Tuesday.  Up at 5:30 A.M.  I picked Maria up on Georgia Ave so she wouldn't have an hours walk to work.  Didn't get my walk in before I left, but walked around the temple for 15 minutes.  Then walked this evening for half an hour.  Also got my hair done this afternoon, then read a short book on the merits of fruits & vegetables - non starchy vegetables.  This book recommended Professor Arnold Ehret - he says we should get away from all foods that contain mucus - milk - eggs - cheese - legumes - meat etc.  He is a Latter Day Saint, and it has worked for him.

Wed June 6 - Walked 1 ½ miles before picking Maria up.  Bro Johnson brought 100# of strawberries yesterday & again today.  We lost 42# yesterday and 56# today - a mess to take care of.  Was ready to call off getting any more.

Thurs June 7
            Didn't walk until after I took Maria to work.  Then walked just 15 minutes around the temple.  100# more strawberries today - better - but I have been tired - was awake between midnight & 2 A.M. and the work today has been full of frustrations - just stupid things that 4 people did.  Mary Cole called twice while I was eating lunch and insisted on talking to me both times. – asking me if her Shakley things were in & again to ask me to deliver them.  A new young telephone operator for the temple calling - I answered the phone - she wanted Judy Davis.  She asked Judy to give Pres. Eames a message.  I had to go nearly as far as Pres Eames was to get Judy & have her relieved from the cash register.  Then 5 minutes later operator called again for Judy - same procedure.  I guess she knew Judy & didn't think she could trust me with a message.
            Then Peggy Schmidty saying she couldn't listen to 4 bosses.
            And Sandy standing talking for 10 minutes to me after I told her to work on Strawberries.  She can’t talk and work too.  When her mouth opens her hans disengage.  And to top it off she said as slowly as it is possible to speak, “Laura - I - think - you - should - go - and - sit - down.”
            I blew my cool & looked at her and said, “Get to work.”
            Thoroughly exhausted when I arrived home at 3: P.M..  We finished 80# of berries & left 20# to be used on the line in the morning.
            Wrote a letter to Caroline & Dwight Irwin & returned their deposit on the house in Springville.  I’m sorry I will be unable to meet them when I go to Utah.  They left for Calif. June 2.
            Talked to Will this afternoon.  Jolene is working at the nursing home 24 hours a week.

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